Gun rights organization will be electioneering on the streets of Burlington

By Ryan O’Dowd: Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

September 17th, 2021



In the dying days of a tight election you bring in every boot you can find and get them on the ground.

Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) has organized an election tour: they will be in the streets of Burlington starting at 2:00 in the afternoon today.

Pamphlet the gun rights organization will be handing out in Burlington on Friday.

In a note to their members they say: “Here we are!!! Once again the CCFR and our members and supporters are hitting the road, boots to the ground to do our part in influencing this election.

“We must do everything possible to ensure the Liberals are finally defeated. We’ve got 260,000 election brochures to get out into the hands of voters so they can learn the truth about the Liberal party.

“The mainstream media will never give voters an honest overview of a future under more Liberal government.

“2:00pm EST – Canvassing in Burlington, Karina Gould’s riding. Meet Tracey at Maple Park, 750 Maple Ave, Burlington. Let’s help her constituents make the right decision on election day.

“Dress casual, comfy shoes.”

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12 comments to Gun rights organization will be electioneering on the streets of Burlington

  • Mike Arsenault

    Guns and hunting are part of Canadas national fibre. They always have been. And for the most part have been owned and used lawfully and responsibly for literally a couple of hundred years. The problem is not legally licensed and vetted firearms owners, the problem is social change and the inevitable criminal activities that follow, and the liberal governments failure to do anything to curb or stop it. The pamphlets that are referred to here are references to liberal shortcomings and failures to deliver on promises. Nothing odious about guns. They are fact based and sourced from national media, with the references included. IMHO I think Trudeau is ineffective at best, a total waste of a vote. His communistic ideology sours my gut. His willingness to blindly bankrupt my grandkids future and way of life is disgusting. My 2 cents.

  • Scott

    Actually, Canada has the “Right to bear arms” in it’s origuinal constitution the “BNA”. It has simply been ignored by various governments over the years.

  • Thomas Trotter

    I find it difficult to understand. Villifying legally licenced firearms owners that pose no threat,
    And yet have no issues with a govt that softened penalties and sentences on the very people that are shooting up our cities? I prefer public safety, not the liberals illusion of public safety.

  • Daniel

    We don’t need this kind of garbage in Canada, leave it in the states with the Trumpers and anti-vaxxers. Guns don’t belong in our cities, towns and villages, This is not Texas!

    • Charles

      The only garbage that should be left in the States are the ones that continually vote for Corruption, scandals, and continuous lies like the Liberals

  • Carol Victor

    This is truly disgusting…We don’t need an Emily Brown who is a gun advocate representing Burlington (one of Canada’s most liveable cities). We want safety, compassion and integrity in our MP. We already have it with Karina Gould.

  • Lynn

    I find this highly offensive. I’ve seen more than enough posts from these people on social media that locked in why I will never vote for anyone they support/“lobby”. Not surprising they name Karina like this but I find it odious. How anyone would vote for the gun lobby and party endorsed by the US NRA is beyond me. Wonder what exactly they mean by “helping us make the right decision?” I never knew how much the gun lobby here and beyond is tied to the CPC and our candidate until they all went so public with it all. So yeah, you helped me make the right decision on Election Day all right.

    • Justin

      We are law abiding citizens. We hunt, we sport shoot, we collect. We go though training to obtain a license. It is illegal to possess firearms in Canada and the license allows us to own these firearms. There are strict storage laws. We get a criminal records check everyday. We can only take certain firearms to a certified range and straight back. Most direct route without delays. We now have to call the Firearms office to transport all places outside a range. We are some of the most vetted citizens. Be Happy to answer any questions 🙂

  • Jim Thomson

    Isn’t democracy wonderful.
    If you don’t like a government’s policy you get to work to defeat them at the election.

  • perryb

    who is Tracey?

    • Andrew E

      All these commentators offended by their fellow Canadians exercising their democratic rights… I’ll bet they think the government “buying back” firearms from legal owners will cause a drop in crimes, too. What will they want banned when shootings continue?

      • Hans Jacobs

        Re: “Democratic rights” – I haven’t looked at our constitution lately but I don’t recall the right to bear arms being part of it.