Halton police scoop up a suspected drug trafficker – observant officer should get the credit.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON  October 26, 2012   The Halton Regional Police Service Guns & Gangs Unit conducted a three week long investigation after receiving information from uniform patrol about alleged heroin trafficking in the City of Burlington.

On October 25th, 2012 investigators concluded their investigation after the arrest of male seen leaving a residence and found in possession of heroin.  A short time later the alleged trafficker was arrested in Burlington and found in possession of several packages of heroin and cash.

The police raided a residence at 2050 Upper Middle Road, (they had a search warrant) in Burlington.   Investigators seized a small quantity of marihuana, a small marihuana grow operation and a variety of prescription pills.  The estimated street value of the drugs seized is $ 3000.  Two replica pellet pistols were also seized for further investigation.

This is small potatoes – hopefully during the three week investigation the police got a look at the food chain and now know who is supplying the drugs.

Charged are:

Eric MORRISON 20 years of age from Dundas, with Possession of a Controlled Substance-Heroin.  Released for court.

Nathanial KING 22 years of age from Burlington, with Trafficking in a Controlled Substance-Heroin and Possession for the Purpose – Heroin.  Held for Bail.        

 Ken INGRAM 44 years of age from Burlington, with Production of a Controlled Substance- Marihuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance – 2 counts.  Released for court.

Investigators remind the public to utilize Crime Stoppers to report on any illegal drug, gang, or gun, activity 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)\



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7 comments to Halton police scoop up a suspected drug trafficker – observant officer should get the credit.

  • Fred

    Gary You should not print things that are not true, Nothing in that basement but a gym set up.There was an outside plant brought in everynight so you and your cracker son would not steal,You have much bigger problems if your son is on meth, He never got it there, Try being a parent and keep your junkie son of drugs.

  • Sara

    I also live at the complex and know the residents .Yes the home was searched and the so called grow pop was a single plant outside of the home. and all the other charges pertained to an earlier event during the day someone else. They are good people and had no idea what was going on either and this article about the search makes them look like bad people which they are not.
    Editors note:
    We get our information from the police media department and have to take them at their word. Good on you for giving this a different perspective.
    We will look for a way to follow up on this story.

    • gary

      previous resposes are lies. these guys have been selling my kids dope (pot and meth) for months. they had a fair sized grow op in their basement. i live a few doors down from the raided unit and have witnessed illegal activity in and around here almost every day for weeks. its discusting that people would try and stand up for these thugs and criminals. its time for this complex to stand up and fight to get this illegal activity out of our community!!



      • Ryan

        gary you are full of it man i know these people very well and they were not selling your junkie kids meth or pot…get a life and get your loser kids into rehab

  • Chris

    I actually live at the complex and saw the commotion, glad you have an article on it as I was curious, thanks!

    • Sara

      I also live in the complex. The so called grow pop consisted of a single plant found outside the home. All the other charges pertained to earlier events that happened else where. They are good people and had no idea what happened either