Halton police solve Burlington robbery before it gets reported; one adult male and one youth charged.

By Staff

Halton Regional Police laid robbery charges against an 18-yr-old man and a 16-yr-old youth, when suspicions the officers had, proved accurate.

On February 8, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. a group of youths were walking through the ravine area behind Alexander Public School, in Burlington, when they were confronted by two males.  The males ordered the youths to empty their pockets, physically restraining one of the youths to search him and restricted the movements of the other youths throughout the encounter.  While the one youth was being physically restrained, his glasses were broken.

The males fled after stealing two i-phones.

Police didn't know they had their man until the robbery report came in - but they had their suspicions - which proved to be true.

Subsequent to the robbery, but prior to it being reported, plain-clothed officers were in the vicinity of the school on an unrelated matter.  Officers observed the suspects on school property, had conversation with them and obtained their identities.

When the robbery was reported later and descriptions of the suspects given out, the officers who were in the area “on an unrelated matter” knew who the bandits were and where they lived. The police arrested the two without incident.

ACCUSED:  Akenson TELESFORD, 18 yrs, of Oakville.  CHARGES:  Forcible Confinement (four counts), Robbery (two counts), Breach of Recognizance.

ACCUSED:  16-year-old male from Burlington (whose identity is protected under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act).  CHARGES:  Forcible Confinement (four counts), Robbery (two counts).

The question that isn’t answered is: What was the unrelated matter that had the plain clothes officers in the ravine in the first place.  Something’s up.



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