Has Kimberley Calderbank taken the first step to running for office in 2022 ?

By Pepper Parr

July 12th, 2022



Is this the first step[p into entering the race for the ward 2 council seat?

The line in an item on the LinkedIn platform read:

Is Kimberly Calderbank getting ready to get back into politics ?

Looking to hire a Coordinator.
Work from home/Virtual opportunity.
The candidate will work with both Yellow Robot Marketing and Black Robot (Print shop).
Detail-oriented, and experienced. Positive, can-do attitude.
Tasks may include –
Liaise with clients
Coordinate print schedule
Review/Proof-read social media posts and schedule
Source opportunities for speaking engagements/business growth
Excellent customer service.
Past work experience with not-for-profit/charity is a great asset.
Please email your interest/resume to Kimberly@yellowrobot.ca

I never saw the Yellow Robot operation as a not for profit – it is certainly a going concern.

The background story might be that Kimberly Calderbank is bringing in some administrative help to free up the time she will need if she decides to challenge Lisa Kearns for the ward 2 city council seat.

It will be a much smaller list of candidates in 2022

In the years since the 2018 municipal election Kimberly has grown professionally. She serves as the media lead for the Halton Police Services Board and for the Ontario Police Services Board. She does media for the Food4Life and was a Cogeco commentator during the Sound of Music parade.

Kimberly Calderbank has an itch for public service. This may be the year she makes a move.  She once told this reporter that she wanted at some point in time to be Mayor of the city.

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