He said, she said and they kept trying to talk over each other. Rang bells too but the tax credit passed – where do we apply?

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON October 2, 2012  According to a Liberal Party press release Burlington MPP Jane McKenna hasn’t given it the old college try for the home team and voted against the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit which the Liberals say will create more than 10,500 jobs.

The Liberals, using dramatic language that creates an emotional response rather than convey information said:   “McKenna, along with her party leader Tim Hudak,voted against a new $1,500 tax credit to help local seniors stay in their homes and relieve pressure on long-term care costs.

“This tax credit is good news for our seniors and our economy. It helps small businesses create jobs while helping more of our parents and grandparents stay in their homes longer,” said  Liberal MPP Brad Duguid. “It is so disappointing that Jane McKenna and the Hudak PCs continue to put politics ahead of our families; this is the type of strong action needed to grow our economy and help Ontario families.”

The people in this building passed a law that gives you a tax credit. It took them more than 100 days to do that. Now we need to find out what we have to do to take advantage of the tax break. They haven’t told us that yet.

Despite Hudak PC opposition and delaying the bill for months, the senior’s tax credit, introduced by Ontario Liberals, was passed into law today.

The credit, worth up to $1,500 per year, will cover home renovations — such as chair lifts, handrails, and ramps — that help seniors who want to continue living safely and independently in their homes. It is expected to support about $800 million in home renovation activity and around 10,500 jobs in Ontario each year.

MPP McKenna and the Hudak PCs continue to oppose every job creation measure for local families. They blocked this legislation from coming to a vote for more than 100 days. They banged on their desks, rang bells and repeatedly tried to shut down debate. They have no plan to create jobs; also voting against jobs funds for Eastern and Southwestern Ontario earlier this year.

The Horwath NDP have been silent on eliminating the deficit and creating jobs. They are quick to criticize new ideas but have no suggestions of their own. Duguid is talking about Andrea Horwath, leader of the New Democrats in the provincial legislature.

“Only Ontario Liberals are taking strong action with the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit to create more jobs, and protect our gains in health care and education,” concluded Duguid. “These are serious times and we need programs like the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit; not the kind of inaction we’ve seen from the Hudak PCs and Horwath NDP that will put our health care, our schools and our economy at risk.”

Sounds like kids in a sandbox doesn’t it.  It does however look as if the tax credit is in place – now how does one take advantage of it? They don’t tell us that.  If I call McKenna’s office will they tell me where to get the forms?

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