Contemplation and consultation takes time; Heagle needed more as he withdrew from PC nomination, and took it.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON July 14, 2011 – There appears not to have been quite enough contemplation and consultation as Brian Heagle worked himself towards withdrawing from the nomination race to be named the provincial Progressive Conservative candidate for Burlington.

An original press release put out at 9:33 am was to be replaced with a revised version released at 10:57 in which Heagle took out the lines: “nine weeks have passed for other candidates to emerge. Perhaps, as a result of my decision today, one or more will step forward.”

Not quite sure why those lines were withdrawn – they don’t and won’t make much difference at this point. The Tories just wanted Heagle out of the picture and as quietly as possible would be nice – but when you get hammered the way Heagle was hammered – there is a bit of bitterness that has to be accommodated.

Rene Papin had his comments to make as well when he pulled out.

It’s going to take a super star or a very high profile candidate to pull this one from the edge of the cliff.



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