Here’s how you keep your constituents happy. Residents plan to fight their Council member every foot of the way.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  April 9, 2013.   There is something about Jack Dennison that makes one shake their heads.  He is a proven businessman, runs the Cedar Springs Health and Raquet Club and likes to do business deals.  He gets a kick out of putting together small property developments.

He knows as much about every building in the city’s inventory as anyone at city hall – and then some.

He lives his beliefs.  And he lives in a home that he is proud to tell anyone who will listen that his home is designated as an historic property.

Dennison is physically fit.  He blades to places, rides his bike with his partner on three and four-day events.  Come election time – Jack goes through his ward on his bike.

During the 2008 recession and the years that followed, Dennison, for what were sound financial reasons, did not pay his commercial property taxes. those were tough times and Dennison needed all the cash available to keep Cedar Springs afloat.  In not paying his taxes he was basically borrowing money from the city – which has got to be a bit of a conflict of interest when you sit as a council member but there was nothing illegal about what he did.  Good business actually; not usually good politics but it didn’t seem to hurt Dennison at the polls the following election.

Ward 4 Councillor Jack Dennison has always been a strong advocate of roads being built for both bikes and cars.  Many of his constituents didn’t share his viewpoint.

Dennison is a strong believer in bicycles and cars sharing the road – and when there was a movement to put dedicated bicycle lanes on Lakeshore Road, which is where Dennison lives, he had a fight on his hands with his neighbours.  Dennison lost that fight but history, we believe, will show that he has been right on this issue.

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1 comment to Here’s how you keep your constituents happy. Residents plan to fight their Council member every foot of the way.

  • Ed Kearns

    I don’t live in the area of this proposal, but I have serious doubts about Jack’s intentions. I now understand why he was so eager for bike lanes, when in fact they won’t work on Lakeshore. I will also say that I’m not against bikes as I own one myself. I have told Jack that the lanes on Appleby do not carry the volumes of bike traffic he reports there is. So now I distruct his intentions. Would it be he is trying to promot his business through such proposals? Jack needs to be replaced.