High rise is coming to Waterdown Road - 29 storeys is what they are looking for. No mention of any parkland.

By Pepper Parr

November 5th, 2021


Rendering of the proposed development.


We have been told they were coming and indeed they are coming.

Not all the development is taking place in the downtown core either.

Infinity Development is holding their required pre-application meeting on November 17th via Zoom.

Their proposal is for a 29 storey, mixed-use development, including 295 residential units within a tower portion and retail/commercial land uses on the ground level of a 4-storey podium. The remaining three (3) floors of the podium are proposed for above-grade parking area. A total of 320 parking spaces (and bicycle parking) are proposed in a combination of two levels of underground and podium level parking.

No comments are received by the City during the Pre-Application phase. Public comments may be directed to the applicant during this time. Once a complete application has been received the public will be notified, and comments will be received by City staff.

The planner on this development has, as in other developments it has presented in, been sparing in the amount of detail they choose to share.  Listen closely and press them for details when you get the opportunity.

The two houses on the left will come down. Not the kind of street that is safe for children.

This development seems to be the cookie cutter of choice design that is being offered: Four level podium with a tower rising up to the 29th level.

This is a part of the city where development is being encouraged; it is within the Major Transit Service Area.  What is missing is something in the way of public space; Waterdown is already a high traffic area – cars move along at quite a clip.

Check the ward 1 Councillor’s web site for zoom details.  The Gazette will publish those details the day before the event.

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2 comments to High rise is coming to Waterdown Road – 29 storeys is what they are looking for. No mention of any parkland.

  • perryb

    Tom, surely you know that, with the help of the OLT/OMB, the developers are the only “planners“ that count in these projects.

  • Tom Muir

    This proposed application, and really the entire proposed Plan for the Aldershot MTSA, matches pretty closely the observed data for what was shown to characterize a COVID-19 epicentre, with the highest number of per capita cases anywhere.

    The explanation lies in the highest population densities, no significant green space or amenity area per capita or in total, and directly adjacent to sources of high air pollution exposure, particularly continuous and multiple sources – highways, railways, buses, cars, and other major transportation sources. The epicentre and highest rates are pretty much all explained by just these 3 variables of location.

    There has never been a word about COVID in any of this Burlington planning, and the studies and data are available. It’s also common sense if any thought is given to it..

    So we are also building to create the next pandemic. COVID is now endemic and we have to live with it. So why are we planning to give COVID the living conditions, density and location to thrive and surprise us with another surge.

    Who is responsible for this kind of planning?