Hold on there cowboy – you missed one. Or did you just decide this wasn’t something you wanted to talk about?

News 100 blackBy Pepper Parr

July 1,  2104


Hold on there cowboy – you missed one.  Or did you just decide this wasn’t something you wanted to talk about?

Dennison LaSalle

Councillor Jack Dennison has served as a member of city council for more than 20 years.

In his summer Newsletter Ward 4 Councillor Jack Dennison listed all the things he had something to say about.  They included:

Castleguard Crescent
Fairview Street
Guelph Line and Fairview Street
Lakeshore Road
Lakeview Avenue
New Street
Washburn Reservoir
Brant Street Pier
City Talk
Election 2014 – Voters’ List
Emerald Ash Borer
New Parking Rules
Online Service Requests
Snow Clearing
Compost Give Away
Online Tools – Waste Management
Special Waste Drop-off Days
Art Gallery of Burlington
Union Gas – Dawn Parkway System Expansion
Summer Fun
Construction in Ward 4
Lakeshore Road – Ward 2 (at Ward 4 boundary)
Snow Clearing – Approval of Additional Services
Waste Management
Burlington Beach – To Swim or Not to Swim
Burlington Fire Department Safety Tips
Barbecuing on Balconies
Outdoor Water Use Program
West Nile Virus

THAT is an impressive list – makes one think that the member of Council is worth the $50,000 plus he gets paid for the city part of his job.  Council members get an additional $50,000 (approximately) for the work they do at the Regional level..

Dennison-home-Lakeshore - small version

Dennison’s home on Lakeshore Road; a property he wants to sever a slice off of the east side to build a second residence.

BUT – there is an item of pressing importance that you left off the list  Councillor Dennison – that Ontario Municipal Board hearing related to the severance you couldn’t get at city council; the one that was turned down by the Committee of Adjustment – whose ruling you have appealed – which is your right.

Dennison - Committee-of-Adjusatment-May-2013-1024x501

Committee of Adjustment members, who decided against a request from Councillor Jack Dennison to sever his Lakeshore Road property.

It is a little awkward, when as a Council member you are appealing a city bylaw that you swore to uphold, when you were sworn in back in 2010.You appealed the Committee of Adjustment decision and somehow managed to get a date so far forward – May 29, 2014, that many wondered how you managed that – but the process of tribunals has a pace of its own.The members of the Roseland Community Association weren’t happy with the delay but at least the hearing was going to take place well enough before the October election that a decision would be available, before voters went to the polls.

Holy Hannah – what a stunner of a shock to those gathered in the city hall committee room on May 29,  waiting for the hearing to begin,  when someone from the Clerk’s office walked in to say that the hearing would not take place.  The stunned audience asked why not?  They were told that a witness was ill.  Whose witness, they demanded to know?  You guessed it – a Jack Dennison witness was not able to attend to testify.

There would appear to be an abuse of process here.  Surely the OMB Commissioner would have been aware of and sensitive to the nature of the impact the hearing would have on the fall election.  The Commissioner didn’t even show up – he just advised the city clerk that the hearing was delayed.  Delayed to when?  At this point we don’t know – but surely it will take place far enough before the election for the ruling of the commissioner to be available to the public? Maybe surely wasn’t the right word?

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5 comments to Hold on there cowboy – you missed one. Or did you just decide this wasn’t something you wanted to talk about?

  • Bill

    Interesting, my experience has been the exact opposite and have found Mr. Dennison totally ineffective and non responsive to an issue that the City was taken advantage of by an unscrupulous contractor.
    Ward 4 needs new blood, it’s for a change.

  • Karen

    If he is pulling these political stunts I wonder how much his business, Cedar Springs Racquet club still owes in taxes to the City.
    Last time I heard the club were over 2 years in arrears and they get notified to pay their taxes in full after 3 years in arrears. He always makes sure they are less than 3 years in arrears so he never gets the notice to pay his taxes in full.

  • Donald

    He’s really a great councillor. He takes care of the city. This is just one small item and the issue has been amplified. He will get voted in again. Great guy who takes care of his constituents.

  • Sandy Williams

    Dennison has rights like everyone else that owns property. Why would he owe talking about anything to anybody if he is open and transparent as much as he needs to be on what has already been an overly public exposure on a relatively basic land ownership issue. Dennison is also a taxpayer and a citizen of this city, and should have the same access to justice as anybody else. This ‘cowboy’ has worked as hard as anybody else in this city.

  • penny Hersh

    If Mr. Dennison gets voted back in then his constituents will get what they deserve. He can choose to run for office, but it takes the residents to let him keep his job. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.