Homeowner wants that car out of his house; no one comes to take it away.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  November 29, 2012  “Can I have the car towed away” asked the insurance agent as he talked to a Halton Regional police officer.  The car, a Ford sedan, was tightly lodged into a house on Tavistock when a driver failed to negotiate a curve in the road, lost control and crashed into the house.

Police charged 19 year old Michael Bolduc with Careless Driving and Being a Novice Driver with a Blood Alcohol Concentration Above Zero.  Holding a novice level driver’s license Bolduc should have had zero alcohol in his blood.

Insurance agents is having contractors in place to ensure the house is stable before the car is pulled out.  Owner of the car has not shown up to take possession of the vehicle.

The insurance agent had sent the occupants of the home to a hotel for a few days  while salvage  crews worked at cleaning up the house.  The car had been in place since 10 pm the night before when it came careening around a curve in the road where Mount Forest becomes Tavistock.  The car  careened across a lawn and over a number of large stones and smashed into the house and didn’t stop moving until a full one third of the car was inside the house.

Will the house remain standing when the car is pulled out?

Police, fire trucks, Emergency Measures people arrived on the scene and kept everybody in the block awake until the wee hours of the morning.

Miraculously neither the driver of the car 19 year old Michael Bolduc or his passenger were hurt nor was anyone in the house injured.  The driver not being injured may have been due partly to the low trace of alcohol in his blood – with a Novice level license that was a no-no.  There goes the driver’s license and there goes the insurance right.

Oddly enough, and a bit surprising as well was that no one showed up to ask when the car could be taken away.  The insurance agent asked the police if they were finished with it – they were.  The insurance agent didn’t have the accident report and didn’t know who the owner was.

His plan was to first ensure that the house would not fall down or sag when the car was pulled out.  Contractors were on hand to shore up the building and make sure it was stable.  When that was done – a tow truck would put a chain on the car and slowly edge it out of the building.

Collision reconstruction officers draw in the lines showing the path of the vehicle that went out of control and crashed into a Tavistock Drive home.  The residents are staying at a hotel until they figure out what to do for the next few months.  Can the house be fixed before Christmas?

Residents on the street talk of drivers consistently failing to stop at the intersection of Mount Forest and Tavistock.  The police officer in the area yesterday afternoon admitted that there is a problem and that the police frequently have an unmarked cruiser in the area – but the problem still exists. “I’ve seen school buses fail to stop” said one home owner.

With the freezing weather setting in the car needs to come out so repairs can be done immediately. The insurance agents plans to have the car pulled out, towed away and left in a pound somewhere.


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1 comment to Homeowner wants that car out of his house; no one comes to take it away.

  • Karen

    There is a stop sign with a flashing light on it about 50 feet up from this home. He obviously blew through it. I live in the neighbourhood, around the corner from here & have been trying for YEARS to get “traffic calming” system on our street. Maybe this will open the city’s eyes to how dangerous our residential streets can be.