Honouring our own, recognizing the people that serve the community because they believe in service. Entries close March 9th

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON March 6, 2012

Recognizing one’s  peers is a sign of a civilized community that pulls together for the greater good of everyone.  The politicians manage to get their picture in the paper at every opportunity, they don’t want us to forget them.  How could we?

Fireman and police officers get recognized for their heroic deeds.  Beauty Queen’s get recognized because they please they eye and play into our fantasies.

The little guy, the school crossing guard, the person that turns up at Rib Fest or the Sound of Music Festival to collect tickets or direct visitors..  The volunteer that pounds a pipe into the ground on a cold winter day to hold a seasonal decoration in Spencer Smith Park – these are the people that make a city.

Each Year Burlington creates a committee that selects citizens who deserve recognition.  The people selected for recognition come from a list of names submitted.  And you dear citizen have the opportunity to submit a name of any one of the six categories the city has created.  They are:

    Citizen of the Year

    Junior Citizen of the Year

    Senior Person of the Year

    Arts Person of the Year

   The Community Service Award

   The Environmental Award

The deadline for  the 2011 nominations is March 9, 2012.

In Burlington, being recognized by the community has in the past been the first step into a political career.  While that isn’t the purpose of the award it is interesting to note how recipient’s names often end up on ballot forms.  The real purpose is to recognize that unsung community hero who plugs away month in and month out; doing what it takes to make a city great.

If you know someone who has volunteered his or her time and played a role in making the community a better place to live, work or play, consider submitting their name for this honour.

Burlington is plunging head long into the world of electronic communications – thus you can submit a nomination electronically online at:


Nomination forms can also be picked up at Burlington City Hall, 426 Brant St., first floor, clerks department.

Committee clerk Andrea Holland at 905-335-7600, ext. 7413 or email hollanda@burlington.ca is also there to help you.  Recipients of the awards will be honoured at a special awards event on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at the Burlington Convention Centre.

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