Getting hot in the kitchen. Russell slinging accusations, McKenna looking for office decorator, Sakran may open hot dog stand.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON August 10th, 2010 – When you get nominated just 71 days before the election and the President of the political party association doesn’t show up and nor does the sitting member, you know one thing – there is trouble in paradise.

We are in the process of interviewing every candidate and have given Progressive Conservative Jane McKenna a little more time to pull her team together. She may be looking for someone to decorate her office.

Peggy Russell Burlington’s NDP candidate

Peggy Russell Burlington’s NDP candidate

Meanwhile, NDP candidate Peggy Russell says she is suspicious of Liberal promises. She said in a press release that “after 8 years of silence, the Liberal government recently indicated that we might soon see an announcement in regards to our hospital.  Now, the McGuinty Liberals also appear to have suspended their plans to push a new highway through sensitive Niagara Escarpment lands in Burlington.” Russell says she was not surprised by these crass political moves in the run up to an election.”

“I have been an elected official during both the Harris and McGuinty governments and what has been clear in both cases is that between elections Burlington issues tend to get ignored and then come election time the promises begin.  I have seen this story before.”   And Peggy is surprised at this? The New Democrats did much the same thing when they formed a government – except they didn’t last long enough to form a second government. Few have forgotten the Rae Days

“Liberal Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne has only made a vague promise (it really wasn’t a vague promise – she just didn’t follow up or through on her words) at a local Liberal Party organized event.  But, what does it mean? The Government of Ontario website has no record of the Minister’s local promise or a changed government position on the mid-peninsula highway, at least yet, and the Minister did not cancel the ongoing study for the proposed highway.  No announcement has been made about how the Liberals will deal with the congestion and transportation needs of this area.”

Feisty isn’t she?

Liberal candidate Karmel Sakran stands proudly before the sign being installed outside his campaign office on Guelph Line

Liberal candidate Karmel Sakran stands proudly before the sign being installed outside his campaign office on Guelph Line

Karmel Sakran, the Liberal candidate made a strategic decision not to have a campaign office on Fairview Avenue, the traditional location for campaign offices in Burlington but instead opened his in a small plaza on Guelph Line, south of Upper Middle Road and North of the QEW. Karmel thought he might open a small sand that people could drop by for a chat outside the campaign office.




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