How AI will push the gambling industry forward

By Benjamin Anderson

May 7th, 2023



It’s no secret that AI is now helping several industries at a rapid pace, where one might expect that artificial intelligence will replace physical manpower to cut costs and make parts of the industry faster and efficient.

How big a hand will Artificial intelligence have in gaming?

But to what extent can AI be used, and how can it effectively work in the gaming industry in Canada? We’re taking a closer look at what impact it might have and how the popular technology of AI will be used going forward.

AI solves problems on a daily basis

As daunting as it might be, where AI can replace different jobs and positions for people in several industries, it also has great upsides. For online casinos, the technology can provide personalized gambling experiences for players by analyzing player data by using machine learning. This helps on making automatic recommendations, tailoring both game offerings but also promotional offers. This is where the latest tech at new casinos has a big upside to them where the technology works as an additional support.

Security becomes tighter

Another advantage is the assistance of fraudulent activities, something that the gambling industry fights hard against in many ways. As AI is getting smarter by the minute with the help of machine learning, the algorithms can detect anomalies in transactions and behaviors that are unusual or suspect. This also goes for account creation, typically online casinos have tedious and long KYC requests to deal with when a new player creates an account, where now AI can be used to verify identities much faster than a regular check.

Will players be able to invoke Artificial Intelligence?

Player data becomes safer

Players don’t have a lot to go on when playing at newly released sites when it comes to security. The casino industry’s biggest stamp of approval comes from their gaming licenses, which shows that the business is legitimate and has certain checks in place to verify they are safe to play on. Here’s where AI will help in a bigger way, by automatically verifying the identity of each account it hinders fake account creation, which is big news for the industry. Not only that, but the algorithm can also learn along the way how they deposit, play games, and withdraw money. This makes the layer of safety much higher than before, where the algorithms learn the patterns, it can detect unusual transactions thanks to the use of IP addresses and additional data it has learned along the way.

This helps to build trust in the industry, especially for new sites which don’t yet have an established brand. In this research, it’s said that new casinos are released every month, and going forward, new casinos in Canada has hard competition to beat, which is why security will play a bigger role for the future.

Is Gaming going to become the human mind up against Artificial Intelligence ?

The gambling industry looking forward

It’s safe to say that the industry will continue to grow, by looking at total revenue for gambling related activities in Canada, the revenue for the whole country amounted to $14-16 billion, and all projections tell this number will be even higher in 2024. Online casinos have come a long way regarding player safety and tailoring experiences for all players. With the help of artificial intelligence, many of the tedious checks become more efficient and safer.

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1 comment to How AI will push the gambling industry forward

  • Perryb

    Why do I get the feeling that AI will help extract the maximum money from each player by exploiting their individual weaknesses?