Rushing around to shore up weak spots in the province. Who ever thought Burlington would be on THAT list.

By Pepper Parr

Are there enough of these lawn signs out to identify the votes McKenna needs Will the Hudak visit push her over the top

BURLINGTON, ON   October 5, 2011  –  For a seat the was one of the safest in the province, Burlington is now getting a last minute visit from Tim Hudak.   Hudak is

scheduled to visit the McKenna campaign office at 7 pm Wednesday evening.  That wasn`t part of the original Hudak last minute campaign plan.

That suggests that the polling the Progressive Conservatives are doing is telling them that Lady Jane needs all the help she can get.

McKenna has been described as the candidate in hiding and has not been all that visible.

Our Burlington gets material from the New Democrats and the Liberals several times a day.  We used to get material from the McKenna campaign but that flow stopped when they came to the conclusion that we weren`t being fair to them.  We have treated each of the political party`s equally.  When there was an opportunity for the McKenna campaign to submit some material they took a pass.  They did send in material when asked to set out their campaign.

This is one of those elections when your vote is really going to count.  Do vote Polls are open from 9 am to 9 pm.

This race could well become a squeaker.  Is Burlington going to see an historical change in who represents the city at Queen`s Park ?  You are the person that makes that decision.


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