Identity thieves hiding behind Amazon skirts – don’t get sucked in by this one.

Identity-90x90  ABy Staff

June 30th, 2014


They are doing it again.  This time the identity thieves are using Amazon as the skirts they hide behind.

Amazon scam vis email

We didn’t place this order.

We got this notification of an order we are supposed to have placed – we didn’t place any such order.  We now buy most of our books from A Different Drummer Book store.

However we have in the past purchased from Amazon and it is conceivable that I might have thought my wife placed an order and I would want to see what was bought.

The moment I click on that link – they have me.  They then begin to suck  information out of me and,  if I am gullible enough,  they might convince me to give them credit card and banking information.  Once that happens you can almost hear the sound of their sucking money out of your accounts.

If it doesn’t look real – then it probably isn’t.  That is especially the case with the internet.

Caution, always caution.

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