If you find yourself in a bit of hot water - deflect - change the channel and put out something different.

By Pepper Parr

October 3rd, 2022



The time line on this story is what makes it interesting.

Media and politicians, especially those running for re-election, are a little like oil and water

On the 27th of September we wrote a story with the headline: Two incumbents have reason to be looking over their shoulders.

The incumbents were Lisa Kearns of ward 2 and Rory Nisan of ward 3.

The two are up against tough contenders; Nisan more so than Kearns.

During the 2018 election Nisan and Kearns donated $1400. to each other’s campaign.  Not on the same day.  Many wondered what was going on.

During that same election Nisan got the lightest slap on the wrist for the way he handled an election fund raising event.

The day after we published the story Kearns sent out a tweet:

On the 28th, Kearns published a tweet that went like:

Her issue was with an article we did on the Truth and Reconciliation Day event that was held last Friday.  The day was a federal government holiday.  Unions that have contracts with the city of Burlington have clauses in their contracts that give them federal holidays.

The city is prepared to spend up to $500,000 to defend its position on the plans to develop the Waterfront Hotel site.

The story we wrote covered the holiday city hall union workers got and  The word “natives” appeared in the story but had no reference to the Indigenous community, unless of course you were looking for something to deflect public interest in the “inadvertent comment made by Kearns at a virtual BDBA meeting at which she let loose lips make mention of the $500,000 the city has budgeted for a defence of the Ontario Land Tribunal matter related to the Waterfront Hotel site re-development.

Kearns knew better.  She only realized she had revealed information that was discussed at a CLOSED meeting of Council when one of the participants at the virtual meeting asked how much of the $500,000 had been spent. At that point she panicked. Ran to the City Manager, talked to the City Solicitor and called the Integrity Commissioner to confess and hope that her penance  was bearable.

Lisa Kearns does have a very good brain, however Common sense is a staple in the world of politics –

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2 comments to If you find yourself in a bit of hot water – deflect – change the channel and put out something different.

  • Grahame A Youngs

    Mr Parr I find your apology in a previous article insouciant at best.

    “If WE have offended anyone WE apologize, and, for those who were offended, WE do apologize – not for what WE wrote but for not writing as clearly as should have”

    Who is WE? It was you and only you that wrote the article. Perception is reality, you offended, inadvertently or not. Own your mistake.

    Headline: “If you find yourself in a bit of hot water – deflect – change the channel and put out something different.”

    Looks like that is what you’re doing here.

    Interesting how Penny took offence to the Mayor’s comments, but not yours, although many people did.

  • Penny Hersh

    Councillor Kearns’ behaviour was both childish and vindictive. She knows better. What was she trying to prove? That she could tweet something that would have financial ramifications for a resident shows a lack of professionalism.

    Can I ask why Councillor Kearns did not take the Mayor to task when in the Mayor’s October Bulletin it indicated that residents participating in the Truth and Reconciliation Reflective Walk wear an orange shirt ( which is what the indigenous community suggests) and MOCCASINS ( which is NOT something the indigenous community suggests)?

    Reminds me of how Council raked one councillor over the coals for a “breach”, but allowed this councillors “breach” to go away because she ran to everyone she could think of in the city and begged for forgiveness.

    For those who feel there was a difference in the 2 breaches, please remember a breach is a breach.