Inspire awards handed out to staff who support students and their achievements from Milton, Oakville and Burlington

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April 5th, 2018



Each month the Halton School Board Trustees recognize staff from the schools across the Region with an Inspire Award.

The Inspire Award is for people who go above and beyond to support students in the Halton District School Board.

Everyone in the Halton District School Board community can nominate or be nominated – families, neighbours, related organizations, staff, students and school volunteers.

The Inspire Award is given to an individual or group that is formally or informally associated with the Halton District School Board, who support our students and their achievements through exemplary caring, initiative, innovation and creativity.

Inspire Apr 4-2018

Inspire Award recipients: L -R Rachelle MacLeod, Jessica Goodwin, Jason Adams, Sarah Cronin. On the extreme left trustees Grebenc and Graves; on the right Director of Education Stuart Miller and trustee Danielli.

Sarah Cronin, Special Education at Milton District HS
Sarah is the Department Head of Special Education at Milton District HS. She demonstrates passion, commitment and a long-standing dedication to ensuring students have equitable learning opportunities. Through workshops and various assistive technologies, Sarah enables students’ self-discovery, perseverance and autonomy. She helps students build confidence and develop life skills to help them succeed in high school and beyond. Sarah promotes equitable learning by engaging students, encouraging self-advocacy for learning differences and by ensuring students can approach their learning in ways that make sense to them. Her ongoing support and advocacy for youths with special education needs inspires students and staff.

Jason Adams, teacher at Ryerson PS
Jason is a special education teacher to gifted students at Ryerson PS. He is a support to students with learning differences and assists them with social skills, attention and behaviour. Jason is committed to understanding individual student needs and learning differences to provide equitable and enhanced learning opportunities for students. He takes the time to go above and beyond to make students feel comfortable and supported and ensures parents are involved and updated with their children’s learning. His dedication has helped students with learning differences begin to love school.

Jessica Goodwin, volunteer at Lester B. Pearson HS
Jessica is a volunteer at Lester B. Pearson HS. She has put significant time and effort into working with a special needs student and has demonstrated unwavering support and patience. She has been flexible and understanding and has gone above and beyond to support the student’s success both in school and outside of school. Jessica’s commitment and dedication has provided consistency to a student with learning challenges.

Rachelle MacLeod, teacher at Irma Coulson PS
Rachelle is a teacher at Irma Coulson PS. Her leadership of the Breakfast Program at the school enables the program to run seamlessly for students and volunteers. Rachelle has put significant time and effort into ensuring all students at Irma Coulson have access to healthy food so they continue to learn, grow and succeed. Students, staff and volunteers are grateful for Rachelle’s continuous support.

The following Inspire Awards recipients will have their awards presented at a location of their choosing (school, workplace, etc.):

Sean Marks, principal at Glen Williams PS
When Sean became the Principal of Glen Williams Public School he quickly established a relationship with the students, parents and the community. His ability to connect with students allowed them to feel important, appreciated and successful. He creates an atmosphere in the school that enables children to succeed in their learning, parents to feel welcome and community members to feel valued. The lasting relationship he established with parents and community members strengthened the community and created an atmosphere where people feel welcome, valued and connected.

Cindy Jeffers, volunteer at Palermo PS
Cindy has been volunteering in the HDSB for more than 10 years. She has served as Secretary, Fundraiser, Treasurer, Co-Chair and Chair on Parent Council. She volunteers in the school library every week and helps with pizza days each Friday. Cindy is a constant and welcomed figure in the school. With her support, students experience many events throughout the year. Her continuous dedication to the school is appreciated by students and staff.

Torey Craig, teacher at Sir. E. MacMillan PS
Torey is a French Immersion teacher at Sir E. MacMillan Public School. She takes the time to provide each student with the encouragement and support they need to succeed. Her attention to detail and her commitment to making the curriculum engaging enables students to reach their potential and succeed. Torey’s commitment to supporting individual student needs and involving parents in their children’s learning builds student confidence and improves well-being.

Gloria Vivolo-Nerby, teacher at Gary Allan HS
Gloria is a teacher at Gary Allan HS who goes above and beyond to provide support to all students in the school. She provides ongoing and comprehensive academic and emotional support to all students. Gloria demonstrates professionalism and is an inspiration to her colleagues.

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