Is it Kate or Kathleen? Both JBH nurses were recognized by their peers and given Celebrating Excellence Awards

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May 15th, 2022



We all know just how hard the nurses work, how critical they are to a solid recovery  but if asked to name two  most people would not have an answer

In honour of #NursesWeek2022, the Joseph Brant Hospital has announced the recipients of the  Celebrating Excellence Awards.

The nursing community recognizes that everyone at JBH works together to contribute to the care of their patients and to the patient experience.

Kathleen and Kate were nominated by their peers

Is this Kate or Kathleen ?

Is this Kate or Kathleen?

1️⃣Kathleen went above and beyond to ensure the best possible patient care for a very sick young patient who required a transfer to a hospital in Toronto. We were short-staffed on night shift and received notice shortly before shift change that a hospital in Toronto had a bed available for this patient who had been waiting several days for the transfer for specialized surgery. Kathleen worked a 17-hour shift, staying late to transport the patient to ensure that they received the care they needed. She knew the patient well, and provided continuity of care and reassurance to the family by seeing them through to the next steps in the patient’s care.

2️⃣Kate is a strong leader on the unit in two areas. Her approach with patients with challenging behaviours is calm, compassionate and therefore she is able to connect to them. This positively influences their patient experience here at JBH. She is an amazing role model to others with patients and families see this compassion as well.

Secondly, Kate is a leader with staff by supporting them throughout the shift, offering help and building the team to complete all the patients care needs by the end of the shift. This team work positively influences the patient experience.

The format in which the pictures came to us didn’t say who was 1 and who was two.  Maybe the readership can help us out.  Kudo’s to both women!

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3 comments to Is it Kate or Kathleen? Both JBH nurses were recognized by their peers and given Celebrating Excellence Awards

  • Our other comment seems to have got lost in cyberspace so we repeat from memory: It certainly is not an easy job Denise. Caring for an elderly relative for many years and both of us experiencing multiple surgeries from a child on we can speak first hand, without COVID. Thank you not only to these two award winners but those who they represent who make sacrifices every day to be on the job. Some uncertain with current employment policy changes whether they can continue with the work they love and have done so well.

  • Dayna O'Kelly

    Well done ladies. Thank you.

  • Denise W.

    It isn’t an easy job. Congratulations and a heartfelt THANK YOU, to both!