Is Mayor Meed Ward considering a run for the office of Regional Chair ?

By Pepper Parr

June 5th, 2022



With the Ontario election over and Doug Ford in place until 2026, running the province with little in the way of an opposition party, our eyes turn to the municipal election in October.

Look for a move on the part of Councillor Sharman to indicate that he will run for the office of Mayor.

Jane McKenna, MPP when the photo was taken, at a Freeman Station event with a friend.

A comment made, at a Joseph Brant Museum event last week, by someone who would know, that Mayor Meed Ward might consider (is considering) running for the office of Regional Chair where she would be running against Jane McKenna who gave up her seat at Queen’s Park to run for the office that Gary Carr doesn’t appear to want any more.

Carr moved from Milton into downtown Burlington recently.

Meed Ward has let the very strong support she had when she became mayor dwindle away; it will take more than we think this Mayor has to pull that support back.

Meed Ward has changed the way municipal government works in Burlington – too many, the changes were not all that beneficial.

The biggest thing Meed Ward brought was hope – and then she dashed that hope by making herself the focal point.

As a Councillor for ward 2 between 2010 and 2014 Marianne Med Ward made a significant difference – she brought hope to the hearts of those who wanted to keep the Burlington they had.

Politics is both an art and a science. The better politicians have a strong survival instinct – Meed Ward may have figured out that her political life can be extended by moving to the Regional level and then on to the provincial level where she has always wanted to end up.


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2 comments to Is Mayor Meed Ward considering a run for the office of Regional Chair ?

  • Alfred


    I have noticed over the years, that everytime Councilor Sharmans name is mentioned you appear to panic and feel compelled to say something negative about this man.

    Remember he survived the purge of the last election, when the simpletons of Burlington believed that the Mayor and new councilors could stop development in Burlington. Resulting in the getting rid of some very good councilors. (The ones that made Burlington the Best mid-sized City in Canada for many years in a row). Instead replacing them with a handful of newbies, that are now making $50 million dollar decisions. While the City is in Chaos.

    So my question is if his chances of becoming Mayor or re-elected are not very good in your opinion. Why are my senses telling me that you really feel he might be the next Mayor of Burlington and a great one at that?

  • Hans Jacobs

    Mr. Sharman was able to get only 34% of the votes to get re-elected in his ward 4 years ago. Unless there been some significant change, his chances of becoming mayor – or even getting re-elected – don’t seem very good.