It is easy to get fooled by email like this: Canadian banks never, ever send this kind of email.

By Staff

April 1, 2014


Some people will get taken in by this.  If they bank with the Royal Bank of Canada they might click on that link – and that could well be the beginning of a process that moves your money from your bank account to someone else’s bank account.

What’s the give away here?  Look at the address of the sender: rcbroyal – if it were legal it should have read rbcroyal.  Also the srvcustom r – spelling error.  Most important – a Canadian bank would never, ever send you a notice like this.

If you are at all active on the internet – and it’s hard not to be – you need to be vigilant.  There are literally tens of thousands of people pumping out phony messages that are intended to steal your money from you.

At a quick glance they look genuine and they catch your attention.

This latest one, purported to come from the Royal Bank is pretty easy to spot as phony but you do have to look beyond the bank logo which is in the message to give you comfort that it is your bank talking to you.

Just pay attention – and you should be OK.  Unfortunately, if money does get removed from your account – it will not be easy to get it back.

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They will go to almost any length to fool you.

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