It's waste management at the street level this time

By Staff

November 8th, 2021



Pot holes and waste removal – the bane of every council member.

They get the call. Some are better than others at responding.

When Marianne Meed Ward was first elected in 2010 she got a call Christmas Day about garbage bags rolling down a wind blown street.

What did she do? Hoped in her van and went out and picked it up.

Now she knows who to call.

It ain’t a pretty sight and it must smell.

The resident who dropped us a line on this situation said: “I just thought this might be something for you to follow up on. It’s a Reddit post about public trash cans on school property — or at least on the edge of it — that are overflowing with bagged dog feces.

People are saying this is a city-wide problem. Is this a sign that our public infrastructure and city services are not keeping up with the increased population?

The following comments followed her post on Reddit.

I feel like the cost of a second trash bin here would be less than the extra time it must take staff to dispose of this every week.

There is a second bin less than 100 feet away. I don’t get it.

I haven’t been out walking as much lately, but I feel like all summer there were overflowing trash cans everywhere we went.

Happens all the time at a couple bins in the orchard as well.

We keep adding people, so some areas are gonna need more services. I’d like to see more green spaces as well.

Which ward is that in? Chat with your councillor about it. Mine’s always been awesome at getting these kinds of things attended to (and actually fixed long term, not just cleaned up for one week).

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1 comment to It’s waste management at the street level this time

  • Mitch

    The New Street north sidewalk/boulevard between Nelson High School and Eastway Plaza is constantly covered in student tossed litter. Sad.