Jeff Brooks comes out against a 24 year incumbent; decides to give John Taylor a hard run for his money

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September 18, 2014



We thought he was new to the game of politics. He didn’t appear to have any local profile and he wrote of being in the trucking industry which suggested he drove a truck.

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Jeff Brooks – his politics will be local – wants more for a ward that many see as “forgotten”.

We were off the mark on both points. Jeff Brooks has a considerable amount of political experience – not at the elected level but he certainly understands the process. This man is no political neophyte and he doesn’t drive a truck either.

He is part of a team that is responsible for the movement of product into a manufacturing plant and getting what is made distributed to customers throughout Canada and the United States. He is a logistics expert; knows how to respond quickly to a crisis – and when you’re moving freight throughout North America – crisis is part of every day.

Brooks has been a Burlingtonian since 1998. He and his wife and their first child landed in Brant Hills and never left. Loves his neighbourhood but described ward 3 as the “forgotten ward” and wants to see new blood and new energy representing the people in the ward.

Brooks realizes he is up against a well-entrenched incumbent and knows he has a battle on his hands. John Taylor, the incumbent has a large following – but Brooks doesn’t think it is as loyal as Taylor believes it is.

He is active at his church, St. John`s Anglican; has coached hockey in the community and taken part in community tournaments.

Brooks was an assistant golf pro for a period of time and then got into speed skating and raced in the Canada Games and made it to the Olympic trials level.

So – why run for office? Brooks was frustrated with there not being at least a challenger for the office of Mayor – he had no intention of even thinking about that job but as he thought about who was representing the ward and talked with his friends and neighbours he came to the conclusion that new blood was needed, more energy and someone with new ideas was necessary. “I didn’t make a last minute decision – I just waited until close to the closing date for nominations before I filed my papers”, said Brooks. He has been working with friends and getting his campaign material and web site ready for the roll out.

Brooks won’t be running a big flashy campaign but he is certain he is going to give Taylor a run for his money – which in the 2010 election amounted to less than $4000.

Ward 3 has more than 300 flood victims but the ward didn’t see all that much of Taylor, said Brooks. “Most of the people I talked to thought the incumbent could have done a lot more.”

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Jeff Brooks, long time ward 3 resident takes on a 24 year incumbent.

Brooks was a YPC (Young Progressive Conservative) while at the University of Toronto and worked with the late Larry Grossman and Frank Miller. Brooks has solid contacts within Toronto municipal circles and expects to draw on those contacts for strategic and financial support.

Brooks sees well-kept flower and plant growth along Plains Road and wonders why ward 3 can’t be made more attractive. “There are a lot of opportunities to brighten up parts of Brant and Upper Middle” said Brooks. “A council member with 20 years plus experience at city hall should know who to call and what to do to make our ward look more attractive.

“The bus schedules in this ward don’t really meet the needs of those who have to take public transit” said Brooks and “I’ve not heard anything about transit changes or improvements from the council member”
Brooks would not have gone for building the Performing Arts Centre “but we have it now so let’s make it work.

Should he get to Council who would he look to as a mentor and model himself after? Marianne Meed Ward he responded without pausing for as much as a second.

The incumbent could probably live with that.

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3 comments to Jeff Brooks comes out against a 24 year incumbent; decides to give John Taylor a hard run for his money

  • Jay Labelle

    I would like to offer my wholehearted support for Jeff Brooks, the Ward 3 candidate for the City of Burlington.

    I have known Jeff for a number of years. As a man, Jeff holds strong family values and a view that mirrors most of the families in our town. As a Councillor, Jeff will represent the people of Ward 3 honourably and ensure that your needs are heard. Jeff has a common-sense approach and the drive needed to make a difference in the future of Ward 3 and our Town.

    It is exciting to see someone like Jeff entering this race, he is exactly the type of person we need involved in our community. He is fair, honest, hard working, intelligent, and a family man that loves this town. He is the great neighbour everyone hopes for.

    I cannot stress enough my confidence in Jeff Brooks.

    Jay Labelle

    Mr. Labelle advises us that: “Our boys played rep hockey together.”

  • Peter Rusin

    Good luck Jeff. I like your style. peter rusin

  • Burlington Senior

    Go for it Jeff! I don’t live in your ward, but agree with your comments. The incumbent is perhaps unfairly described as a “bloated sluggo” but he has never had such income or a soft touch in his life; he’s a walking advertisement for TERM LIMITS. Best Wishes