'Just watch me' said Kimberly Calderbank

By Kimberly Calderbank

July 21st, 2022


Lifted from the Kimberly Calderbank LinkedIn page

Everyone has an opinion.

BUT, why let the opinions of others deny you a life that will make history?

What are YOU holding back on because you are afraid of what other people will think, say, react?

Do you know how often I hear people say, “But what about…?” WHO CARES!

I am 100 percent guilty of always wanting to people please, always wanting to be sure I have taken everyone’s opinions and thoughts into consideration.

The other day, a gentleman said to me “…it’s been a while… what are you doing with your life…?”

WHOA… at that moment I felt small… I felt I had been playing small… he had expected a BIG answer, and I didn’t have one. His opinion of me shifted, and that mattered…all those other opinions had held me back, but this one pushed me forward.

For the past 4 years, I have been building quietly a plan, working on my purpose, and pulling together what I feel will be my legacy.
TODAY I acted on it. I brought in my first investor. My first believer in my plan if you will.

Mark it down, TODAY is the day that I stopped letting the opinions of others stop me, I let the positive in, and I put my first step forward in a life that WILL MAKE HISTORY (big and lofty, but just watch me).

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