Just what did Doug Ford say when he talked about permitting development in the Greenbelt for affordable housing?

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May 1st, 2018



The Doug Ford plans to permit development in the Greenbelt need a very close look.

Doug Ford

Doug Ford – the day he announced he was running to become the Premier of the province.

There is already all kinds of spin being put on his statement – so just what did he say? A short video clip of his statement is set out below.  Small advertisement is attached to the video – sorry about that.

If you can make any sense of his statement – share it with us.

He is prepared to allow development in the Greenbelt to create more affordable housing and any land in the Greenbelt that is used for housing will be replaced by other land.

Where is that “other land” going to come from?


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10 comments to Just what did Doug Ford say when he talked about permitting development in the Greenbelt for affordable housing?

  • Stephen White

    Permitting development on the Green Belt is not a bright idea….but neither is shoe-horning hundreds and thousands of people into the already overcrowded GTA. The level of congestion is seriously compromising our way of life and our environment.

    There are many older communities in this province…indeed, in this country…that are dying. Many parts of the Maritimes are suffering a net outflow of population. There is no industry or jobs to attract or retain young people, and older members of the community are dying. We need public policies that will stimulate economic development in outlying areas and not just in Toronto and the suburbs. That doesn’t mean urban sprawl or paving over recreational lands or farmland, but it does mean re-development in existing communities which would benefit significantly from an influx of new residents. A new home is also a lot easier to purchase in Chatham, Sarnia, Napanee or Brockville than in Burlington.

    As for Ford, he needs to think before he speaks, and recall the fate of John Tory and Tim Hudak. That shuffling sound in the background is increasingly anxious Tory voters who are already uncomfortable with his leadership and who are now looking at third parties as a place to park their anti-Liberal vote.

    • Phillip

      Stephen, if the anti-Liberal vote goes to a third party, you may as well vote Liberal. Is that the outcome that we need?

      • Stephen White

        I hear you Phil…and I don’t entirely disagree! I may just have to “suck it up” and vote, and hope like hell that Ford is, as Pepper has suggested in another posting, “trainable”. Vic Fedeli, Todd Smith, Lisa MacLeod and the other members of the PC caucus will have their work cut out for them keeping Ford in line.

        I just hope that unlike a certain U.S. politician Ford doesn’t use Twitter.

        • Phillip

          Don’t disagree with you, Stephen! Ford was never my first choice and I believe that the strength of the Conservative cabinet will keep him in line. One thing for sure–Ontario cannot afford Wynne’s program of everything is “free, free, free” and “borrow, borrow, borrow”.

  • Tom Muir

    Does anyone really believe that such a government policy will or can provide “affordable” housing?

    There is no such thing as affordable housing anymore.

    Even intensification many times over, given to developers, does not provide affordability. Have you seen the $900,000 townhouse sign at the Adi development at the Aldershot GO?

    Have you checked out the $500 a square foot condos, where $300,000 buys you 500 square feet plus a $50,000 parking spot. These prices can be scaled up to where you want. Don’t forget the condo fees and taxes.

    Ask folks if they think this is anywhere near affordable. Families in 500 square? Long term residence in this size?

    Only a government ordered taxpayer funded and big giveaway can dent this hit, but you can do the math on the costs, and who gets it. The real estate market is what sets the price and that’s reality.

    There’s no fixing that on the growth trajectory we are on.

    It’s a stupid unworkable idea that should be killed in the crib.

    Affordability is a cruel myth around here.

  • Alide Camilleri

    No one can replace land once it has been taken. Ford is making statements that he cannot support with facts. And don’t believe that people will recognize his error. His followers are not so bright. They believe everything he says, and they are prepared to attack any nay sayers as I found out recently when I dared to openly speak out against him.

    • Phillip

      His followers are not so bright? Really!?!? Why the cheap shot? Of course, we could talk about voters who believe Wynne that everything is free, free, free and borrow, borrow, borrow!?!?

  • Glenda

    Makes me wonder if that is what’s on his agenda do I really want to vote PC. It’s a shame that remark is making me rethink my tendency to vote PC.

  • Hans

    Re: “Where is that “other land” going to come from?” – There won’t be any, and I think most people would realize that immediately. The purpose of the Greenbelt is surely to provide a minimal area that is protected from “development”.
    Any reduction, in what is already too little, is unacceptable.

    • Phillip

      Hans, I do agree that Doug Ford must spell out in greater detail, rather than the video soundbite, what his specific plans are, including the specifics on where the additional land is going to come from. However, I find it a bit perplexing that the current idealogues in the Liberal government are content to jam in massive population growth existing communities, thereby destroying the quality of life in these communities–this is the problem currently facing Burlington. Given the size of Ontario’s landmass–and it is huge, perhaps population growth should be directed away from the GTA. Where is the balance? I’m in favour of protecting much of the Greenbelt, although not all of it is pristine/productive farmland nor environmentally significant. The one area that is significant is the Niagara Escarpment and does need to be protected. (Incidently, Alvin–a Liberal candidate was quick to pounce on Doug Ford for “paving over the Escarpment, although I can’t find that in the video. You don’t suppose the Liberals would misrepresent this do you? Of course, they might–check the current accounting for the deficit)