Kearns makes it official - she will be the Liberal candidate in the next provincial election

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

April 27th, 2021



You first read about it in the Gazette.

Kearns Lisa side view Mar 2019

Lisa Kearns – expected to be the Liberal candidate for the Burlington seat in the Legislature. Watch for a change from blue to red in her clothing choices.

WARD 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns made a mention in her Twitter account that she is being vetted by the provincial Liberals as the candidate in the next provincial election – which may be much sooner than expected.

With the ward 2 seat now in play – the political musical chairs gets interesting.

More on that later in the week – you will never believe who Kearns is said to be grooming to take her place on city council.

The provincial seat is currently held by Jane McKenna, who won it, lost it and then won it again.

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Lisa Kearns being considered as the provincial  Liberal candidate

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10 comments to Kearns makes it official – she is throwing her hat into the ring – want to be an MPP for the Liberals

  • Barbara Fitzsimmons

    Ms. Kearn’s announcement came out of left field for me. I also feel let down, and somewhat used. I don’t feel she’s used her seat on council to any meaningful degree yet. As David Barker points out, most of her achievements in Ward 2 were piggy backed on the Mayor’s shoulders. I fear this is where we will part ways, politically. I wish her all the best in the future!

  • Susan Corrigan

    Lisa Kearns told me when she was campaigning it would be for one term. Then once in office at a later date she said it was a big job and would represent ward 2 for at least 2 terms. Guess it was getting a little too hot in the kitchen and now she’s bailing. Rather duplicitous. There is no denying she is an intelligent person but where do her loyalties lie?

  • Eve St Clair

    No chance of winning but Lisa Kearns must resign as City Councillor immediately

  • Penny Hersh

    Roger, Lisa should resign her seat on council now. Her decision to run as a nominee for the Ontario Liberals indicates that she has already made her choice, whether or not she wins the nomination.

    She now becomes, in my opinion, a lame duck councillor. Everyone now knows that sitting on council is not where she wants to be.

    • David Barker

      Maybe that’s a discussion we can have should she actually win the nomination. But as far as resigning is concerned at the end of the day that is a decision entirely for her to make.

      Hopefully, she will in the next little while have some good news to share with us all. I believe she and another councilor are working hard on something that will demonstrate her, and our Council’s, continued commitment to the betterment of our City.

  • David Barker

    I have just had quite a lengthy conversation with Councilor Kearns touching on a few topics. We of course did speak about her decision to seek the Liberal Party nomination for the MPP Seat. She in confidence shared with me her reasoning. Whilst still disappointed at her decision I do respect it.

  • bonnie purkis

    I believe this young woman was made for the political arena. Having watched many council meetings over the past two plus years, I continue to be impressed with her knowledge and with her ability to articulate her thoughts and ideas. I’m feel confident that she will represent Burlington well if elected to Queens Park.

  • Roger

    Lisa and others represented change and a positive step forward in the city in the last election – we need good councilors – Lisa is good councilor and making a difference – 1 term just sets the foundation – I am unhappy as a resident that being a councilor is not enough – simply – if Lisa wants to run – and gets the nomination – Lisa should resign her council seat so someone who wants the job can take it – all Lisa’s actions forward will be influenced by running for nomination and if getting it will be line with Ontario Liberal policy even if it is against the best interest of the city – any decision Lisa make will be influenced by your quest for the nomination – simply we seen this and experienced this with Mike Wallace in his quest when he was a Ward 5 councilor – Lisa is a great councilor and has an incredible future at the city wants to sit as some bank bencher filling a seat – party politics will never allow Lisa to vote against a motion that would not be in favour of Burlington if the liberals and Lisa was elected to government.

  • Janice Jones

    I totally disagree. I’ve emailed her several times and she has never responded to any of my questions over her two years. What kind of councillor is that? She talked big while campaigning. Hear say has it from some friends that she never responded to phone calls either. I must admit I voted for her because she put on a good performance. Grossly disappointed with my choice. Hoping we get a better candidate next time around.

  • David Barker

    I am a huge supporter of Councilor Kearns and what she says she stands for. She has made a strong start to her political life. But it is just that a strong start. I think it will be difficult for her to publish a meaningful list of her accomplishments during her two and a half year tenure on council. Most of the achievements in which she has had a hand are really lthe Mayor’s achievements.

    To be frank her running for a provincial seat would leave me feeling let down and used as her personal career stepping stone. Her job on council is no way near finished. I could understand moving to provincial politics after a second council term, but after just half a term. No that is solely self-centred and for me shows a lack of a commitment to her constituents and her task.

    If elected to Queen’s Park, how long before she goes for a seat in Ottawa ?