Leaves getting a lot of attention from the female Councillors

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December 3rd, 2020



The leaves are getting a lot of attention

Having fallen to the ground they expected to get picked up.

When that didn’t happen the locals got a little agitated which meant the Council members with streets that are well endowed with trees had to get on the phone and learn what was and wasn’t happening and then get the word out to their constituents.

Stolte and Kearns - budget book

Working for their constituents; best tag team the city has seen since the demise of the Craven/Sharman duo.

Ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns was first out of the gate with Ward 4 Councillor close behind. Not a peep from the others.

Kearns declared that: Leaf Collection has resumed. And went on to say “Thank you to everyone who has shown patience over the last few days regarding leaf collection. Doing nothing with your leaves was the right thing as city crews have returned to continue with the scheduled pick up. These crews will work into next week with an eye to watch for any more weather events.

“My last communication kicked off a great amount of feedback on the program – some calling to cancel it entirely, some to get it right, and some who are completely indifferent. I want you to know that we do review this program yearly, and I will always use your feedback to inform how we deliver your services.

“When and if you do see our crews out working to remove your leaves, please be kind to them. There are many reports in the news where public employees are being faced with hurtful behaviour – let’s not allow that in our great city.

“I recognize that the last two years have been challenging for the Leaf Collection Program, we will keep working harder to and continue to do our best in meeting your expectations.”

Now there is an election promise for you.

Leaf collection via Kearns

The ward 3 leaf collection status map

Following is a map outlining Leaf Collection in Ward 2:
• Red – Roads/ streets which still require Leaf Pickup
• Blue – Leaf Pick-up complete


Stole ward 4 leaf map

The ward 4 leaf collection status map

Councillor Stolte provided a map of what was taking place in ward 4

Bagged Leaf and Yard Waste Collection – Halton Region provides collection of bagged leaves and yard waste on the same day as your garbage pick up. This program is a separate program from Burlington’s Leaf Collection and ends on Dec. 20. For more information, visit Halton Region’s Waste Recycling Sorting Guide or dial 311.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact my office at Lisa.Kearns@Burlington.ca.

Keep well, stay calm, show kindness.

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