Lifestyle change awaiting resident accused of drug trafficking. He`s going to have time to “contemplate”.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  February 4, 2012  – Jeremy Isard is looking at some new experiences and may be the first person in Burlington to get to know, in a very up close and personal way, the new plans the federal government has for criminals.

You see, Isard got caught with some cocaine in his pocket, not just once – he got caught a couple of times and now they’ve got him in a police cell awaiting a bail hearing.  The Halton Regional Police used one of their undercover officers to meet up with Isard and buy some of that snorting stuff.  Isard must have thought he had a great customer in the making and that maybe that customer had some friends – nothing better than a satisfied customer base to keep the cash rolling in.

Bricks of cocaine - this stuff is produced by the ton. It is BIG business controlled in large measure by organized criminals.

Isard came to the attention of police  in March of last year and began to pay him more attention than he really wanted because they were pretty sure they had a drug trafficker in their sights – the sentence for drug trafficking is seven years in prison – and sentences like that bring great joy to police officers.

More importantly for Jeremy Isard is the change in the rules that determine parole eligibility – by the time Isard’s trial is over his eligibility for parole will be quite a bit different.  The cost of doing business has gone up for Isard and for those who buy the cocaine he  sells are going to have to look for a new supplier – because you know that the undercover police officer was not his only customer.  All the drug transactions took place in the City of Burlington.

Drug dealers can use an iPhone app to weigh the cocaine they are selling you. These guys have the cash flow to buy all the tools they need.

Last Friday, the police determined they had enough evidence and arrested Isard after he sold 1.75 grams of cocaine to an undercover officer.   With handcuffs firmly fitted the police searched their suspect and a residence on  Longmoor Drive in Burlington and found a quantity of cocaine, scales and packaging.  Jeremy was in business”  but his $4500.00 of operating cash was taken in as evidence, which means Isard is going to have to find money somewhere else to pay for a lawyer.  The police scooped up 72 grams of cocaine.  Clearly Isard was just a distributor, hopefully the police got a look at the food chain and can now focus on where the stuff was coming from – and while they were at it – they got a good look at where it was going.  So for those of you who buy the stuff – the police now know who you are, which means you are on a list you didn’t really want to be on.  The police call that a “person of interest”.

Isard, 29 years of age, a Burlington resident, has been charged with two counts of possession of cocaine for the   purpose of trafficking,  six counts of trafficking in cocaine.

Police remind the public that Crime Stoppers is there to report on any illegal drug, gang or gun activity 1 800 222 8477.


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