Live Casino Dealers: Who Are They, And What Are Their Roles?

By Kevin N. Cochran

September 8th, 2022



Online casinos first made an appearance in the late 90s. The internet was still in its early stages, and gaming companies like Microgaming were already using the exciting technology to provide online casino games to thousands across the globe. A few years later, the idea of live gaming was introduced but failed to gain popularity owing to the poor speed of internet connection at the time.

The presenters are a large part of the online experience

But over the years, the internet has evolved, and speed is no longer a barrier. Millions of smartphones are also available and, live casino games have become a norm. Now, you can easily access the live casino   games with just a single click.

However, live gaming is only possible thanks to the live casino dealers, and here we’ll look into their various roles and responsibilities. But before playing live or virtual casino games, you should understand how it all works. That’s why experts like Kevin N. Cochran regularly provide gamblers with tips and guidance to help them maximize their gambling experience.

Who Are Live Game Dealers?
If you know about live dealers, then you definitely must have heard about live casinos. But if you’re not, worry not; we’ve got you covered.

Live casino is a niche of online gambling where players play their favorite games with real-life dealers instead of computer software.

Basically, the games are streamed from a land-based casino or studio, and players connect to the live stream and place wagers against a real dealer.

Examples of games you can play include Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette. For Roulette, you connect to the stream and place your bets using virtual chips; the presenter then spins the wheel to determine the outcome of your wager.

Some online casinos even allow players to communicate with themselves and the presenter during games. The presenters are also referred to as live casino dealers. They also go by other names like:

Game hosts
Table hosts
Card dealers
Games presenter.

But whichever name they go by, their functions are usually the same. Below, we’ll look at some of the roles of a table host.

What Are The Roles Of A Live Casino Dealer?
The main function of a live casino dealer is to host the games. There are different types of games, so their functions might differ a bit, but generally, their job is to take control of the table and handle the games.

As we’ve stated already, dealers in games like roulette are basically there to spin the table’s wheel and call out the game’s result. This is also the case in dice games, where they only have to roll the dice and announce the result.

However, the host is a lot more involved in more complex games like card games, baccarat, and blackjack. The cards are usually shuffled automatically by a card shuffler, so the host is charged with dealing with the cards during rounds and calling out results. Usually, only one dealer hosts a table, but they sometimes switch between tables. Here are some of the most common live casino games with dealers.

Sic Bo

What Does It Take To Become A Live Casino Dealer?
The live casino industry is very competitive, and only the best are selected for hosting roles. Below is a list of requirements for anyone aspiring to become a game presenter.

1. Age and Identification
Before being employed as a table host, you must show proof of your identity. It could be through a government-issued ID or any other means available in your country.

Also, most gaming houses will not employ people under 21, especially in the US and Europe. However, some use the 18-year limit. So it mostly depends on the country the platform is located.

People often play online in groups.

2. Education and Past Experience
Though education is not necessarily a requirement for a game hosting position, most employers require a minimum of a High school diploma. There’s also no need for experience, although it will definitely improve your chances.

Most dealers are young people, so they usually lack experience. As a result, selected hosts undergo extensive training to fully induct them into the industry.

3. Other Skills
Aside from meeting the age requirement, you’ll need to be proficient in the casino’s required language. There’s also a need to have good communication and entertaining skills.

The Bottom Line
Playing live casinos with dealers can be a fun way to recreate the thrills of a land-based gaming establishment. They offer an option to play your favorite games without playing against computer software.

However, these games are only possible thanks to the online game presenters. They handle the tables and are in charge of spinning wheels, rolling dice, and dealing cards.

To become a game presenter, you’ll need to be at least 18 or 21 in some countries. Also, you have to possess good communication and language skills.

Live dealers are an integral part of live casino gaming. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

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