Marathon is much different for a 27-year-old versus a 39 year-old working mother of two!

sportsgreen 100x100By Ashley Worobec

August 20th, 2019



I had a good week again this week, but mid-week I verged into over-training.

Stops on the map

Each of the 24 km Worobec ran when doing her marathon training.

I could feel that my legs were getting heavy, and I have been training for a solid two months now, so volume is something I need to be mindful of. The last marathon I ran was 12 years ago, and recovery is much different for a 27-year-old versus a 39 year-old working mother of two!

Wringing water

Worobec squeezing out the rain from her shirt after a run in a rain storm,

Although I’m following a training plan, I added in a couple of extra workouts this week (including a Crossfit competition last weekend) and that put me over the edge. My Garmin watch tracks all of my stats, and it gave me an “overtraining” alert on Thursday, so I listened to it and took a rest day and also added in some early bedtimes. I am feeling back to normal now, and I had a great 24km long run on Saturday morning.

I’ve included a picture of the aftermath (me squeezing out the rain from my shirt), as about 20 of our 24km were run in those torrential downpours on Saturday morning; I could not have been more soaked if I’d jumped into a swimming pool!

H&S tired look

A tired marathoner.

My sunrise runs continue to be the best way for me to fit all of my training into my schedule. I’m usually back home before my children are even awake, so it really doesn’t affect family life much at all. I meet my training group at 5:30am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and most Sundays at 7:00am, and I fit in the rest of my training on my own when I can.

Last week, we got an email from the New York marathon to choose our transportation to the start line, so things are starting to line up for all of the logistics of the race. I will be catching a bus from midtown Manhattan that will take me to Staten Island for the start line, and my husband will meet me at the finish line in Central Park. Excitement is building!

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