Massive yet intricate construction of King Road grade separation being web cast.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON October 6, 2012  The size and scope of the project is daunting – and the time frame allowed is really pushing it; but CN Rail and the  city’s engineering department are actually going to lift out four rail lines and build an underpass beneath King Road and have everything – all four rail lines – back in place for Tuesday morning at 5:00 am.

Trucks back into the tunnel, which will become the King Road underpass, to load up with excavated earth. The picture was taken at noon on Saturday from the web camera.

The construction can be seen on line.

Go the to the City of Burlington web site.

Go to the Project and Initiatives box on the right hand side.  The last line in that box says more.

Click on that line – that will get you to a new page.  Go to the Box with a list of construction projects.  Scroll down to King Road Grade Separation.  Click on that line.

That will take you to a screen that lets you choose between Camera 1 and Camera 2. (You can if you want – open up a second browser and toggle back and forth and see what each camera is showing.)

Camera 1 is a view from some height and shows you the top of the “tunnel” that was pre-built as well as the part of the area being excavated.  There are two back hoes and at times a small bulldozer in that space.   The diversionary railway line is at the top of the picture.  Sometimes you will see a freight train passing by.  Camera 2 is a view into the front of the tunnel that will eventually be the underpass that traffic uses to pass beneath the rail lines.  You can see trucks backing into the tunnel to take on loads of excavated earth.

You never see work like this being done on the pier.

The start of pushing the tunnel into place is due to begin at 5:00 am Sunday, October 7th.

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