Mayor launches re-election campaign at a farm yards away from the border with Milton

By Pepper Parr

June 23rd, 2022



Mayor Marianne Meed Ward has launched her campaign for Mayor.

Vanessa Warren, who describes herself as a Business Owner, Rancher, Rider, Wrangler, Trainer Coach and sometime Activist, hosted a campaign kick off for Mayor Meed Ward

It took place recently at Capstone Farm, located in the northern part of ward 6: a road and a half north and they would have held the event in the Town of Milton.

Our source tells us that two members of council took part: Ward 3 councillor Rory Nisan and Ward 1 councillor Kelvin Galbraith.

One would have thought ward 6 Councillor Angelo Bentivegna would be on hand. Wonder why he wasn’t?

Capstone Farm is home base for past ward 6 candidate Vanessa Warren.

Nick Leblovic was on hand to do a lot of the glad handing

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5 comments to Mayor launches re-election campaign at a farm yards away from the border with Milton

  • Marie

    I’m wondering if the launch location is a deliberate intention to combat the feeling of many Burlingtonians that Meed Ward only represents the downtown core residents and businesses, and not those living in the “outer” areas of the city. Personally, as someone who lives in Alton Village I don’t feel like Meed Ward even knows there are residents north of the QE. I know I’m not the only one.

  • Bob

    I fail to recognize your point about where the location was.
    Are you implying that people who live on the outskirts of our city deserve less representation or something like that? From what I read, the location was in Burlington.
    If she had used the Queens Head Tavern on Brant Street would your story have been edited to say another block and a half and she’d have been standing in the lake?

  • Philip Waggett

    I wonder how many voters are like me–I voted for her in 2018 but I will actively campaign against her this year.

    • Eve St Clair

      Lots of residents were duped in 2018. Not this time Nice how she had her “yes” men campaign with her

  • Penny Hersh

    Perhaps Councillor Bentivegna wanted to distance himself from what took place at the last council meeting?

    It seems that “it’s business as usual” with the Mayor’s election campaign.

    Politics it is said often “makes strange bedfellows”