Mayor really wanted to hear what the Minister of Housing was going to tell the development industry - convinces Committee Chair to recess for a couple of hours.

By Pepper Parr

March 7th, 2022



It was a small item at the very end of the agenda for the Standing Committee meeting last Thursday.

11:40 a.m. (recessed). 2:30 p.m. (reconvened)

Those watching the web cast had been advised that the agenda would be revised – that usually happens when there is a CLOSED Session of Council and the city shifts things around to accommodate any outside people taking part.

We actually slipped up on this one – rather than wait and listen to the Chair read into the record what part of the Municipal Act was being used to go into Closed meeting we logged out expecting to return at 2:30.

As committee Chair Kelvin Galbraith had the authority to recess a meeting – the standard is to get agreement from council members. Mayor Meed Ward and Councillor Galbraith share the Red Carpet Task Force work – they work well together.

Chair Kelvin Galbraith had advised viewers that there would be a break from 11:30 to 2:30

There were two other important items on the agenda: leaf collection and a revision to the Private Tree Bylaw – always contentious issues in Burlington.

Turns out – there was no closed session

Council members switched venues and went to the West End Home Builders Association event at which the Minister of Housing was speaking to the people who give council all kinds of grief.

Was Mayor Marianne Meed Ward blushing when she met with the Premier at a Joseph Brant Hospital event?

No word yet from anyone on just what was said during the event.  Our source said there was some expectation that the Premier might show up.  Doug Ford usually takes every opportunity he can to talk to developers.

We understand that Council Sharman attended as well.

What bothered at least one council member was that even though two members of Council (and possibly three) left the meeting there was still a quorum (4 out of the seven members constitute a quorum) and the meeting could have continued.

Chair Galbraith told the Gazette that anything to do with trees in Burlington should have the attention of every member of Council.  It was his call to make, which he did.



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