Mayor's Drop In - not exactly a multitude but it did take place

By Pepper Parr

December 1st, 2023



Mayor Meed Ward waiting in City Hall lobby for people who wanted to know more about the budget approved earlier in the week.

Short notice, so maybe that was the reason the number of people who took part in the Drop In Mayor Meed Ward held yesterday was very small.

In the photograph the Mayor posted on her Facebook page she is seated with her Chief of Staff sitting to her right and two unidentified people face her.

Mayor with a couple that took part in the Drop In on Thursday

Who are they and what did they have to say: we will never know.  All we do know is that the event took place and the Mayor now has another poster to add to her collection.


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3 comments to Mayor’s Drop In – not exactly a multitude but it did take place

  • Blair Smith

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, this photo of Marianne Meed Ward standing as though posing for a magazine (Mad or Frank perhaps) beside a giant poster of herself announcing the Mayor’s Drop-In is worth at least 10,000. It really does say it all. Two days after approval of the most contentious, bitterly opposed and totally misguided budgets in Burlington City history, there she is completely wrapped up in herself in a totally unnecessary and rather tasteless photo at the front of an engagement exercise that, on its face, is totally cynical and for form only. Things that City Hall should have cut in the recent budget exercise – perhaps things like the really silly, costly, unnecessary promotional sign. Better still, keep the sign and cut Meed Ward. It will save the taxpayers millions.

  • Eve St Clair

    First I heard of this but when we have a Mayor that blocks her constituents on social media what did she expect

  • Lynn Crosby

    There was a lot of advertising on her social media. I think people chose not to go – really, what a waste of time. They’ve just proven again that they ignored the over 3000 signatories on the petition and all the written and in person delegations on the budget. What is there to say? 9 to 11 am, ten minutes! But now a box has been ticked. Rumour has it this couple may have been the only ones who went.

    And now cue the newsletter and more posts with more spin on the budget and the silly rankings in the G&M etc. Still nothing on the reportedly critical injuries to the workers at Bateman? She and Sharman should be ashamed they didn’t make a statement that same day.

    It’s all about the photo ops. Positive news or spin only. Is the giant sign really necessary? Egads.