Mayor's Intensification presentation will be given a second time - first one sold out!

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April 24, 2015


You make hay when the sun shines – that’s what the farmers will tell you.

Tansley WoodsMayor Goldring clearly knows when he is on a roll – the interest in what he has to say about intensification has filled all the seats at the Performing Arts Centre on April 28th – so there will be a second performance on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 7 p.m. at Tansley Woods Community Centre, 1996 Itabashi Way. Admission is free. Registration is requested by calling 905-335-7607 or emailing

Billed as an important discussion on the role of intensification in the community the Mayor will serve as the event’s keynote speaker. City staff will also be in attendance for the question and answer session.

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3 comments to Mayor’s Intensification presentation will be given a second time – first one sold out!

  • Rajish Bhjardwah

    I have been watching this issues with close attention. Perhaps the city can expand to growth north of the highway and accept population needs of a growing community. There are people who love this city and would like to come live here, so we need more land to build upon houses.

  • Frank Rance

    I’m not so sure that the Mayor is on a roll when it comes to the intensification issue. A full house at the Performing Arts Centre doesn’t mean that everyone there supports intensification, which is another way of saying that the government wants to shoe horn much of the populace into tighter, far more uncomfortable living situations.

    I think a more realistic view is that just about everyone who goes to the Mayor’s presentation are not really totally in favour of lesser living space, or many more hi-rise condos blocking the view of Lake Ontario, or hi-rise condos lining Plains Road in Aldershot from one end to the other, or countless more hi-rise buildings going up all over the place; (maybe one will be built overlooking you and your neighbours backyards), or houses being built closer together, or smaller building lots, plus more multiple family dwellings squeezed in between regular single family dwellings. Who wants this lifestyle anyway? I’m guessing nobody, but, the various governments are trying to ram this concept down our throats and telling us this is the way it has to be. Fight back people. This is your city. Politicians work for you and me, You don’t work for them. Tell them how you really feel about this piece of insanity.

    I think the audience will be quite hostile to anything the Mayor has to say. I wish him luck, he’ll need it. He should practice before he goes to the Arts Centre, on how to handle heckling.

  • Mr. Wonderful

    This will be more fun than a hanging. Hope the mayor speaks from the heart and brain, and not from a script.