Metrolinx likes the idea of further developing their properties; likes the opportunity to include retail for those who want to shop on the way home.

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February 6th, 2020



It is not just the traditional and known developers who want to build in Burlington.
Metrolinx operates the GO train system in the province including the three station in Burlington; the GO station on Fairview, the station in the west end in Aldershot and the station in the east end – Appleby Line.

During the council meeting that was deliberating at the “Taking a Closer Look at Downtown report last week, it became clear that the Planning department was quite aware of that Metrolinx had plans for the property owned around each of the stations.

Burlington GO south side

Entrance on the south side of the Burlington GO station; some are concerned about having to cross that wide roadway with buses coming in one after the other.

The focus right now is the station on the north side of Fairview where there are land holding north and south of the railway tracks. Metrolinx has an interest in developing their property.

Jim Young, a transit advocate told the Gazette that Metrolinx will consider development at all its stations where there of profitable potential. They are said to be particularly interested in providing retail space where commuter convenience can be offered.

Metrolinx didn’t spell anything out but is reported to have said that serious consideration being given to additional parking. Currently Metrolinx 77,000 parking spots and plans on adding another 23, 000 system wide …possibly 800 in the Burlington market. It wasn’t clear if this was for all three Burlington stations.

The audience was told that Toronto Star reports that parking fees were in the future were “unsubstantiated and not under serious consideration at this time.


Electrifying the Lakeshore west line and offering 15 minute service is part of the going forward plan – no dates on either yet.

Electrification of the Lakeshore West line is more of a long term plan with no specific dates. The type of electrification has also not been determined. Overhead or diesel/fuel cell hybrid being technically evaluated.

Same with 15 minute service – no specific date; Metrolinx is working with local transit bodies to ensure local support and connections are in place.

Why no Presto scanners on trains like they have on buses? Buses charge per journey. ….. Trains per stop/station.

There was some serious criticism of Wheelchair Access at Burlington GO The distance from Parking to first access ramp and the roundabout route from entry to elevators and back to platforms is a problem issue.

No answer on why old north side bus terminal has 11 bus bays while south only has 6. This causes city buses to drop people on Fairview, on both sides of road with danger of crossing and buses waiting to connect with train causing traffic snags.


Naming rights for the GO stations – wonder what they will go for?

Naming rights for stations is under consideration .. But not committed yet. One wag wondered how popular TD Aldershot or RBC Appleby would be would be after the first derailment or passenger injury on the news at “Named Station”

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2 comments to Metrolinx likes the idea of further developing their properties; likes the opportunity to include retail for those who want to shop on the way home.

  • Tom Muir

    Don’t forget the Metrolinx letter to the City saying the new OP just endorsed by Council isn’t enough for them, and they want more density and much less public domain and amenity.

    Just another developer mindset it seems, but this one has much more leverage and power, and even a conflict in this respect.

    Stand firm City.

  • Ann and Dave M

    The serious criticism came from us. The issue is a serious one in terms of design as the curb cut to access doors from parking should be an automatic overall sidewalk design and it was not. We also discovered that there is still no plan for getting wheelchair/mobility scooter users to Union Station when elevator goes down despite several discussions with senior management over the years. When trying to make a federal court deadline the elevator went down and all accessible cabs were tied up with regular appts. We will be following up with Mark Child’s Chief Marketibg Officer and will keep Gazette in the loop. If Metrolinx cannot get simple standard designs right what kind of developer neighbor are they going to be. Not a peep on these issues from the councillors in attendance one of whom is the Council rep on the Burlington Accessibility Committee and the other the ward 2 rep.. It seems to us with the lack of success there has been in addressing access issues in Ward 2 is we have developed a Burlington Building Barriers Brand that is rubbing off on those like Metrolinx who are not likely to be the good neighbors we already have serving these needs.