Milton Mayor faces an unknown in the October municipal election

By Pepper Parr

August 4th, 2022



It is now official.

Milton Mayor Gord Krantz sitting in his office – which is just off the entrance to the Town Hall – little in the way of security. Krantz doesn’t think he needs any security.

Milton Mayor Gord Krantz is going to have to run a campaign but it won’t be against a member of his Council.

Saba Ishaq has announced she will be running for the office of Mayor.

As the incumbent Krantz has a very strong head start.

When you attach the word “incumbent” to Krantz you are talking about decades.

We weren’t able to learn very much about Saba Ishaq during our short call earlier today.

A sleepy voice answered the phone and said that yes she was running for Mayor – could we call back tomorrow or in the evening.

And that was it.

Other than a reference to a place of employment:

“Saba Ishaq. Director. 9 years of consulting experience, working with both senior executives to define strategic direction and team leaders to implement …”

there isn’t much more at this point.

We were not able to obtain a recent photograph of Saba Ishaq

For Ms Ishaq to have even a chance she is going to have to run a whirl wind of a campaign and hope that a fairy with a magic wand is on her campaign team

Gord will still be out there doing what he does quite well – telling the people of Milton what he has done for them.


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