Monday the 20th - Family Day. Lots of things to do

By Staff

February 12, 2023


We are still here – find out why.

A day created for families – make the best of it.

Your kids are the best thing in your life – they should be.

The province, the level of government that established Family Day as a holiday advised today that:

This Family Day weekend, from February 18-20, Ontario families and friends can enjoy fishing anywhere in the province without having to purchase a licence or carry an Outdoors Card.

On October 12, 2007, the provincial government established Family Day as the third Monday in February. It was a Liberal government that created the holiday – not that that matters,

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1 comment to Monday the 20th – Family Day. Lots of things to do

  • David

    Nice to see all the families using the downtown, Spencer Smith park and the beach, a lot of them still coming from Mississauga this started during the lock down and seems to be continuing, we do have the best beach.