More trees for the Beachway while the politicians print reports on paper – which comes from trees



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BURLINGTON, ON.  May 25, 2013.  If you missed the opportunity to plant trees during the city’s Cleanup/GreenUp a few weeks ago when it was cold and rainy – there is a chance for you to get out into some sunshine (hopefully) and plant trees that will provide some firmness to the sand dunes which tend to shift easily.

BurlingtonGreen (BG) obtained a second Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund grant that will allow more than 50 people to take part in removing invasive species and planting even more native plants and grasses.

The event takes place Saturday June 1, from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon. The grant allows BG to continue its stewardship to further improve the coastal environment of Lake Ontario’s Beachway Park.

Part of the crew that did the first planting.  There is now more funding for more tress.

BurlingtonGreen gets its hands dirty digging into the earth to get plants in place to stabilize the shifting sands that are unique to our end of Lake Ontario while the politicians work their way through a massive, dense document of background material on what has been happening to the Beachway Park since 1987.  BurlingtonGreen could have grown a lot of plants in that period of time.

 On April 20th, approximately 90 dedicated volunteers braved the cold temperatures to pick up litter, remove invasive species and put 300 shrubs and trees and over 3,000 plants in the ground at Beachway Park.  BG Executive Director is “extremely grateful to those who have contributed so far, but we are absolutely thrilled to have an opportunity to go back and continue to build on our efforts to restore part of the fragile ecosystem at this location.”

According to Project Coordinator Justin Jones, many invasive species have popped up since the first Green Up event at Beachway Park back in April. “A second green-up will allow us to get in there and remove those “new growth” invasive species and really reinforce the stability of the ecologically sensitive area by adding a few hundred more native plants and grasses.”

For more information or to sign up and participate in the June 1st Green Up event at Beachway Park, please visit

BurlingtonGreen Environmental Association is a non-profit, non-partisan, environmental organization. Through raising AWARENESS, ADVOCACY and ACTION, they aim to mobilize individuals, groups, businesses and governments to make Burlington a leader in creating a healthy, environmentally responsible city.

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