Mountainside revitalization a Go, GO, GO. Taylor delivers and keeps the pool open while arena upgraded.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  April 11, 2012  He isn’t known as the Dean of City Council just because he has been there longer than anyone else – he’s the Dean because he gets things done.

Last night city council, after eight years of work, approved the revitalization of the Mountainside Community Arena and Pool.  John Taylor shepherded and guided this project and made sure it was done well within the budget available.  This was HIS baby and he wasn’t going to not let it happen – nor was he going to let it disrupt the summer pool schedule either.

The Mountainside recreational complex will be a much different place when the revitalization that was approved by Council is completed in 2013

Taylor worked the phones, and probably twisted some arms as well, to ensure that there was a provision in the construction tender that will go out once the drawings are completed, to keep the pool open during the summer months.

While there were rumours that the whole project was going to be shut down – Taylor squelched those – he also told the public last night that the pool would not be shut down while work was being done on the arena upgrade.

The project now goes to the architects who will do the final drawings that the contractor who wins the tender will work from.  There will be a little disruption on the site but come the fall of 2013 the arena will be completed and the disruption will have been well worth it.

Will Councillor Taylor be on hand to drop the puck for the first hockey game once the arens is opened?

With a municipal election following shortly after the Official Opening, Councillor Taylor will have quite a feather in his hat.  Good on him.

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