Municipalities publish their sunshine list. Burlington fire department salaries include a lot of overtime.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON March 24, 2012  Every year the provincial government requires municipalities to publish the names of those people who earn more than $100,000 during a year, along with whatever supplementary amounts are paid, usually travel or training amounts.

Former city Manager Roman Martiuk is on the list because, believe it or not, he is still on the city payroll.  Figure that one out.

Burlington has a very expensive fire department, partly because the firefighters are required to put in a significant amount of overtime.

During the last budget cycle Council did not give the Fire Chief authority to hire the additional four fire fighters he said he needed for the new #8 fire station.  He now has to juggle the staff he has and pay a significant amount of overtime.

Some of the amounts being paid raise more than an eyebrow.  Some of the increases paid over the previous year almost make one gulp.  We did not have access to our figures for last year, but next year we will lay in a year to year comparison.

Disclosure for 2011 under the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996: Municipalities and Services

Those in the private sector will look at the salaries being paid and look at what they pay their staff and, in some office there will be some head shaking.

General Manager Scott Stewart doesn`t miss much. One of the most highly paid civil servants in Burlington – worth every dime we give him

There will be those at city hall who will see their name on the list for the first time and be quite proud of the achievement – and they should be.  Breaking the $100,000 salary level is significant.  There are a lot of people at city hall who earn every dollar we pay them. General Managers Kim Phillips and Scott Stewart carried the senior level of administration for the four months we were without a city manager.  Burlington doesn’t have a bonus system or give merit pay, had we had such a policy they would have been at the top of that list.

General Manager Kim Phillips, along with Scott Stewart, carried the administrative load while the city was between city managers. Well paid with taxpayers getting value for money.

There are salary levels on the list that quite frankly surprise us – several that stun me.  The value for money just isn’t there – some perhaps will not be on the list next year.

Council members don’t appear on the list because a large part of their income comes from the Region and that is a different list.  We covered those salaries in a separate story.

For some reason, none of the people at the Economic Development Corporation don`t appear on the list nor is the Librarian.  No one from the Performing Arts Centre or the Burlington Art Gallery.  we will dig into that when people are at their desks on Monday.

What is clear from this list is that public sector jobs pay very well

There is a reason for calling the civil servant salary listing the Sunshine List. It was created by the Mike Harris government in 2006. Read carefully in every municipality.












Here it is – THE list.

ALDHAM Judy           Field Serv. Supervisor       $109,088.86        $1,672.81

ALLDRIDGE, Brian          Platoon Chief                $114,318.08        $628.68

ANSELL, Daniel T            Captain                           $109,417.89        $577.68

ANTONIOW, Phil             Manager                         $104,156.19        $579.59

BAKOS, Michael               Captain                           $107,309.72        $563.58

BARRY, Phillip                 Captain                           $104,788.32        $566.01

BAVOTA,                           Deputy Fire Chief         $129,670.30        $2,165.36

BAYLOR, Mark                 Captain                           $109,718.32        $563.58

BAYNTON, Steve T .        Captain                          $109,719.33        $585.84

BEATTY, David .              Deputy Fire Chief          $122,285.21        $2,130.54

BEDINI, Chris                    District Supervisor       $103,966.34        $642.78

BENNETT, Randy             Manager of I T              $112,435.50        $622.74

BENNITT, James               District Supervisor       $101,829.73        $791.25

BIELSKI, Bianca               Manager                        $131,727.94        $735.30

BIRCH, Charles  .              Captain                          $114,620.31        $577.68

BOYD, Laura                     Manager  HR                 $101,698.11        $560.70

CAUGHLIN, Deborah      Manager                         $101,018.52        $561.37

CHOLEWKA, Chris          Captain                           $101,795.79        $535.26

COULSON, Anne Marie   Manager                         $118,422.63        $637.20

CRASS, John                      Manager                        $107,364.79        $596.55

DI PIETRO,                         Manager                        $117,961.02        $648.48

DONATI, Derrick K          Firefighter                      $105,870.45        $475.50

DOWD, Timothy               Captain                            $109,267.69       $564.69

DUNCAN, John                Manager                          $116,221.86        $1,593.16

EICHENBAUM, T             Director                          $161,136.28        $883.56

EVANS, Frances               Manager                          $106,505.20       $577.68

FORD, Joan                        Deputy Treasurer         $149,695.03       $778.80

GLENN, Christopher        Director                         $130,710.51        $639.54

GLOBE, Darren                 Captain                          $104,130.69        $557.34

GOLDRING, Rick              Mayor                           $159,645.38        $3,401.86

GOTTSCHLING, Fred      Coordinator                  $101,499.64        $572.10

GRISON, Gregory             Captain                          $107,255.05        $577.68

HAMILTON, Scott            Manager                        $109,050.72        $589.90

HAYES, Dennis                 Captain                          $108,213.16        $563.58

HEBNER, Peter                  Captain                         $111,039.78        $577.68

HURLEY, Blake                Solicitor                         $132,139.12        $622.21

JONES, Sheila                   City Auditor                  $114,217.17         $645.72

JURK, Robert                    Project Leader               $105,971.50       $585.45

KELL, Donna                    Manager                         $114,812.92        $608.10

KELLY, John                     Captain                           $107,762.39        $563.58

KOEVOETS, Matt             District Supervisor        $108,527.14       $1,362.95

KRUSHELNICKI, B          Director                          $159,662.99        $888.04

KUBOTA, Erika                Solicitor                           $136,966.60        $640.76

LAING, Bruce                   Captain                             $109,417.88        $585.09

LAPORTE, Jason              Captain                            $100,008.70        $459.54

LASELVA, John                Supervisor                       $104,929.73        $567.72

LONG, Mark                     Captain                              $107,106.03        $563.58

MACDONALD, Gary       Captain                             $109,417.87        $577.68

MACKAY, Michael J       Captain                             $109,417.88        $591.58

MAGI, Allan                      Ex  Dir                              $176,238.07        $960.06

MALE, Roy                       Executive Director          $176,560.52        $985.50

MARTIUK, Roman           City Manager                 $223,221.17        $2,575.63

MCGUIRE, Chris               District Supervisor       $105,115.55        $598.10

MCNAMARA, Michael    Captain                           $114,223.52        $586.07

MERCANTI, Cindy           Manager                        $104,306.52        $557.88

MINTZ, Shayne                 Fire Chief                       $149,779.99        $6,172.98

MONTEITH, Ross             Platoon Chief                $125,082.15        $642.90

MORGAN, Angela            City Clerk                       $128,022.39        $674.04

MYERS, Peter                    Captain                           $109,417.88        $577.68

NICELIU, Kenneth            Firefighter                     $100,832.37        $489.90

NICHOLSON, Alan           Captain                           $110,738.74        $577.68

O’REILLY, Sandra             Coordinator                   $104,015.69        $563.58

PEACHEY, Robert            Manager                         $108,917.26        $609.33

PHILLIPS, Kim                 General Manager           $196,500.29       $9,132.78

POLIZIANI, Matthew        Captain                          $100,608.90        $499.02

POWELL, Lynn                District Supervisor         $100,902.29        $526.28

REILLY, Peter                    Captain                          $106,811.82        $563.58

ROBERTSON, C                Director                          $142,056.62        $1,264.58

ROCK, Jeffrey                   Captain                            $106,811.82        $563.58

SCHMIDT-SHOUKRI, J   Manager                         $133,555.64        $713.05

SHAHZAD, Arif               Engineer                          $101,492.56        $555.12

SHEA NICOL, Nancy       City Solicitor                  $161,722.85        $784.50

SHEPHERD, Donna          Director of Transit         $156,382.79        $880.74

SHIELDS, Lisa                   Solicitor                          $108,597.68        $627.93

SLACK, Craig D                Platoon Chief                   $125,082.17        $642.90

SMITH, Clint                      Platoon Chief                 $122,658.32        $642.90

SPICER, Mike                    Transit Manager            $115,644.78        $646.50

STEIGINGA, Ron              Manager                          $111,791.58        $614.52

STEVENS, Craig                Supervisor                      $100,806.65        $516.54

STEWART, Scott               General Manager          $197,697.29        $10,199.63

SWANCE, Jeffrey             Captain                             $109,417.88        $584.30

SWENOR, Christine         Director                           $154,679.63        $840.18

TAGGART, David             Manager                          $113,845.03        $586.08

WEBER, Jeff                     Deputy Fire Chief           $130,247.96        $9,288.98

WEIR, Kenneth                 Supervisor                       $103,473.76        $474.21

WHEATLEY, Ryan           Captain                             $101,388.82        $483.15

WIGNALL, Mark              Firefighter                       $111,196.08        $505.46

WONG, Betty                     Controller-                      $129,804.94        $716.42

WOODS, Douglas             Captain                             $109,417.88        $577.68

ZORBAS, Steve                Executive Dir.                  $193,149.38        $6,839.64

ZVANIGA, Bruce              Director                            $135,711.05        $764.64


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