New look for the ground floor of city hall - what do you think?

By Staff

January 20th, 2022



City hall is getting an upgrade – at least the ground floor is.

Entering city hall from the Brant Street entrance.

Service Burlington, the people that have all the answers to all the questions you have, are moving their desks temporarily to second floor of City Hall starting February 1.

The temporary move of Service Burlington is happening to allow for construction to begin on the main floor of City Hall, as part of the City Hall modernization project.

The project is one of 22 recommendations from the Red Tape Red Carpet Task Force report, and was approved by City Council in September 2019.

Work stations?

In keeping with the City’s focus on customer experience, this project will create a more open, customer-facing area on the first floor of City Hall. Construction on the main floor starts on Tuesday, Feb. 1.

Under modified Step Two of the Province’s Roadmap to Re-open, Service Burlington is currently open for in-person service by appointment only for commissioning services and marriage licences.

Appointment-only services will continue until Feb. 1, and may be extended in response to COVID-19. Residents can visit to access a variety of City services online or contact Service Burlington directly during regular business hours, by phone at 905-335-7777 and email at

The ground floor area will be much more open than it is now. Will the public be able to just hang around and read the paper or is this all going to be strictly business?

During construction, please access City Hall through the Brant Street entrance. The entrances from Locust Street and Elgin Street will be closed.

Once inside the building, please use the elevator in the lobby to access Service Burlington on the second floor, unless otherwise directed.

As with most construction projects, there will be some periodic noise, dust and dirt in the building.

Construction on the main floor of City Hall is expected to finish in the fall of 2022.

The plans for a new city hall look had next to nothing in the way of citizen participation.  Staff put together designs that were presented to council and it was a done deal.

There are changes planned as well for the plaza area outside city hall.  They were put on hold when hoped-for funding failed to come through.





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