Novice driver fails to negotiate a curve in the road – crashes into a house. House could collapse. No one injured.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON  November 29, 2012  It wasn’t a house call; they weren’t crashing a party but two occupants in a Ford Taurus suddenly found themselves still in their car but in the living room of a home on Tavistock Drive.

The accident happened at around 10 pm last night when a lone Ford Taurus was travelling westbound on Mount Forest Drive in the City of Burlington. When the vehicle entered the curve in the roadway leading to the road changing into Tavistock Drive, it left the west side of the roadway.

After cruising across the front lawns of two residences the Ford Taurus crashed into the front of a house and went through the exterior wall and came to a stop only when the entire front end of the car was inside the home.

Police report that the two adult male occupants of the vehicle were miraculously uninjured. No one in the house was injured either.

As police furthered their investigation they found that the driver of the car had a blood alcohol concentration that was above zero which was a no-no when your driving license designation is that of a novice.

Mitchell BOLDUC, age 19 years of Burlington has been charged with Careless Driving and Being a Novice Driver with a Blood Alcohol Concentration Above Zero- both are both contrary to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. He has been summoned to appear in Provincial Offences Court in Burlington on December 18th 2012 to answer to these charges.

The Ontario Graduated Drivers License system restricts drivers of motor vehicles from consuming ANY alcohol and then driving on a highway.

The Ford Taurus will not be removed from the house until a thorough inspection of the structure can be made in daylight as main support beams appear to have been significantly compromised.  The house just might fall down when the car is removed.

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