Oakville transit Dundas # 5 creeps into Burlington.

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August 16, 2016


Oakville Transit has moved into the Burlington market and now offers a pretty full schedule with stops from the Oakville GO station to Dundas and Appleby and to the 407 GO station car pool lot

Oakville transit logoFull details at the link to the schedule set out below.

The service begins September 4th,

Oakville Transit # 5 Dundas line – schedule.


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3 comments to Oakville transit Dundas # 5 creeps into Burlington.

  • Shannon Gillies

    Great news. This means I now have the option of taking bus transit from downtown Burlington to work in north Oakville. THIS is how you get people out of their cars. I’d be happy to take transit, even if it takes longer. I only wish it cost less. It really shouldn’t cost more to take public transit than to drive, but if costs are not shared between Oakville and Burlington, unfortunately, it will. Even with a PRESTO card, it would still be more than $11 round trip–significantly more than the cost of gas.


    Its good to see Oakville Transit providing this 30 minute service to part of northeast Burlington. The GO 407 route from the car pool lot at Highway 5 and Northamton provides good 30 minute intercity service between Hamilton/McMaster and York U – however for local trips, residents in northeast Burlington are stuck with hourly mid-day service on BT’s 6, 12, and 25 routes.

    Oakville Transit used to provide a good link between Burlington downtown and Oakville through their #14 along Lakeshore Road, however, this was dropped when Burlington refused to share the cost of this service.

  • Maggie

    To bad they don’t bring back a direct bus between the two downtown’s. I would like to go to downtown Oakville occasionally but have no desire to spend 2+ hours to get there.