Ok – how did this happen? You locked yourself out of your car while stopping for a red light. Hmm

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON. January 8th, 2012  We call them awkward situations.  They happen.

We don’t want to identify or further embarrass the driver of this car but somehow she got herself locked out of the vehicle while stopping for a red light on Upper Middle Road Tuesday afternoon.

You slide the coat hanger in carefully and wiggle it until it catches the lock window button and then give it a quick tug and the window is open – right.  Yeah, but it usually takes many tries before it works

Another driver came along and used the old coat hanger trick to get the door open.  Few people manage to get that coat hanger around that window button the first time – this guy certainly didn’t.

They were still working at it when we pulled away from the scene of the mishap.

They were still jiggling the window button when we passed.

The Canadian Automobile Club has a service that includes getting drivers out of situations like this – they have a device the slide into the door of your car and it pops open in less than three seconds.

I wasn’t able to ask – how did this happen?  It must have made for good dinner table conversation.


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