Tell five people and ask them to also tell five people: Town Hall meeting for flood victims.

By Pepper Parr November 3, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON   There are believed to be between 500 and 250 homes in Burlington that were damaged by […]

Flood relief committee to hold Town Hall meeting - urges people to get their application forms in - soon.

By Pepper Parr November 1, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. In an early edition of this article we gave the closing date for the fund raising as […]

Halton Regional police ask: Keep your Thumbs Up and off the cell phone; keep your head up and on the road and Be Alert.

By Staff November 1, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) hold an Annual Crime Prevention Week campaign. This year, […]

Seasonal influenza (flu) immunization clinics just for high-risk individuals.

By Staff November 1, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. The Halton Region Health Department’s seasonal influenza (flu) immunizations clinics began on October 14, offering vaccine for high-risk […]

Hamilton artist Simon Frank to design art installation for Mountainside Recreation Centre

By Pepper Parr October 31, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   Burlington, through its Public Art Program, has selected artist Simon Frank to install a public art […]

Police reaching out to the public for help identifying a smash and grab suspect.

By Staff October 31, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON   Last Wednesday a male suspect entered the underground parking lot at 421 Maple Avenue, in the City […]

Police investigation into missing Burlington resident Janis Ozollapa not turning up any useful clues.

By Staff October 31, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   Janis Ozollapa has been missing since September 30, 2014 at approximately 2 pm. On Friday October 10, […]

Sculpture to be sold by the tonne: Walt Rickli moving his studio - selling his inventory.

By Pepper Parr October 31, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   How do you move when the stuff you have weighs a couple of tonnes? You hold […]

Colourful, quirky, unique artist named local favourite - in Hamilton.

By Staff October 31, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON   The Gazette is a Burlington newspaper published on line and while we are certainly aware of that […]

Terrorists? Socially disaffected young men? What is Remembrance Day about?

By Ray Rivers October 31, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON   The term ‘terrorism’ has become almost meaningless today since western leaders apply the label to almost […]

Hamilton man charged with sexual assault in a Brant Street tanning salon.

By Staff October 29, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON   A man police believe was responsible for a sexual assault that occurred two months ago in the […]

Art in Action studio tour takes place this weekend; a not to be missed cultural event - nine studios.

By Pepper Parr October 30, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON   They have been doing it for more than ten years. Artists who put on an arts […]

Police confirm the identity of woman found dead at Pearl Street apartment: Elizabeth Nugent, 32

By Staff October 29, 201`4 BURLINGTON, ON.   The woman found deceased in that Pearl Street apartment on Monday was Elizabeth Nugent, 32 years of […]

Reflections on ward 6 - who is the winner in an election that has 10 candidates?

By Walter Byj October 28, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   I did make a mistake by saying that 80% did not vote for Blair. It should […]

Devil’s Night at Edy Roy Glass Gallery.

By Lana Kamarić October 28, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. Thursday evening, at the Edy Roy Glass Gallery on Spring Garden Road, just in behind the Royal […]

Markham resident charged with second degree murder of an as yet identified female in a Burlington apartment.

By Staff October 28, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   The Halton Regional Police have charged Malcolm Copeland, the suspect in the barricaded incident on Pearl Street […]

Foxcroft advises the Queen of the loss of a member of her Regiment; attends funeral in Hamilton.

By Pepper Parr October 28, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON   At just a little after 8:30 this morning, a military driver parked outside Ron Foxcroft’ s […]

Every member of Council returned to office: Mayor takes 85.82% of the vote.

By Pepper Parr October 27, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   Burlington seemed to be a little more animated leading up to the 2014 municipal election. There […]

With just under 10% of the vote counted - here is what the contentious ward votes looked like.

By Pepper Parr October 27-14 BURLINGTON, ON.   With less than 10% of the polls reporting this is what the picture looked like in those […]

Early, early results show all of council being returned.

By Pepper Parr October 27, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON.   Early, early, early results show all the members of city council being returned. Dennison was […]