Statistics tell us a lot more about the make up of the country and the way we live as people. What's happening to the concept of the family ?

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August 3rd, 2017



Statistics Canada released more of the census data it collected during 2016.

We get a tighter look at data about families, revealing changes in marriage rates, how much longer Canadians are waiting to start families, and how many families live under different roofs — be it because one parent is working in another part of the country, or because they are older parents choosing to live apart.

The statistics show the varying and ever complex definition of family in Canada, which — like language — seems certain to prompt governments and service providers to rethink their policies and offerings to meet demographic dynamics.

Some graphics on what has been learned so far from the data. Interesting.

StatsCan - Young adults 2016

This suggests they might never move out.


StatsCan - seniors 2016

The older folk seemed to have figured it out – staying together probably means live live longer as well.


StatsCan - common law 2016

Quebec has always been different – but tat much different is surprising.


StatsCan - household make up 2016

Nationally – this is what we look like. Which do you fit into – and do your neighbours also fit into the sector you are in ?

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