City opens kimono – wasn’t much to see. Did we misunderstand the objective? Thought we were going to get a peek.

We have ream upon ream of data that sits on computer hard drives or servers – Burlington wants to let the public at some of […]

High school students get to see what happens when driving while under the influence of alcohol. Wasn’t pretty.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, on December 7, 2011 – Nelson High School students – all 1500 of them were in the hands of the Halton […]

Police record third traffic fatality in the Region for 2011

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON December 5, 2011 Burlington recorded its third traffic fatality for 2011 when Henry John Grasso of Brantford, Ontario was pronounced dead […]

New city manager takes a pay cut to come to Burlington where he can ride his bike to work.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 5, 2011 Burlington’s new city manager, he gets the keys to his office January 30th, leaves London, Ontario with […]

Santa didn’t need snow to do his thing; he didn’t want the rain, but that didn’t dampen spirits.

  The Sea Cadets know all about water and they dealt with the light drizzle the way everyone else did – they just put up […]

Burlington Performing Arts Centre does it up right with a Gala to be remembered.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 5, 2010 Whew! – That’s the sound from the staff at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre as they recover […]

Prime Minister visits Burlington; goes big time with photo-ops. Everyone gets their picture taken.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 3, 2011 – History was made in Burlington Friday afternoon. For the first time ever, since Confederation, if MP […]

We have a new city manager who seems to have a sense of humour and pretty attractive toe nails.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 3, 2011 They did it surprisingly quickly. Your city Council with the help of an outside human resources consultant, […]

They had a ball – it was noisy, it was serene, the Mayor was TERRIBLE but it was a fun night.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON December 2, 2011 – It was an interesting evening. Here is what we know. The Mayor cannot play the piano […]

Downtown merchants prepare stores for holiday Season while OMB hears appeal on Brant Street height limits.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON December 1, 2011 – The Downtown core begins to take on a bit of the Ho, Ho, Ho feeling with the […]

This sort of makes it official but a little snow would help the Ho, Ho, Ho to settle in for a couple of weeks.

By Staff BURLINGTON, December 1, 2011 – They are going to do it again – the streets are going to be lit up and a […]

BPAC Board fails to understand what transparency means and the basics of good governance.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON November 30, 2011 – There is nothing nicer than a love story. We, as people, want to be happy and […]

You need to be careful about what you do in the back of that cab. Surveillance Footage is part of the fare.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 28, 2011 – Three youths got a bit of a surprise when they learned their pictures may have been on […]

Council goes into CLOSED SESSION without knowing why they are doing so; Taylor votes against the move.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON November 29, 2011 – They are at it again. Playing with the rules which I’m pretty sure are being bent. […]

Local artists report strong sales results; announce an art scholarship and begin planning for the next season

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON November 28, 2011 That Art in Action studio tour held the first weekend in November – they made some money […]

Aldershot residents don’t like, look or the feel of a proposed project in their neighbourhood – want council to nix the idea.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON November 24, 2011 The good folks in Aldershot were before a council committee last week asking that a zoning by-law […]

Halton police busy investigating the drug business in the community. It isn’t pretty.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON November 27, 2011 The Halton Regional Police Drug and Morality Unit initiated an investigation into the trafficking of cannabis marihuana and […]

Health policy analyst cool on the idea of a JBMH upgrade; advocates for community based health delivery instead.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON November 26, 2011 – Burlington`s Strategic plan calls for the city to set aside $10 million a year for the […]

A strong overview of the way health care is delivered subject of Inspire lecture. Future of JBMH raised.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON November 26, 2011 – It was both a lecture on the health service delivery system we have and another look […]

The quiet of a house decorated for the Christmas, lit by candles with the scents of the Season everywhere.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON – November 25, 2011 Christmas is a hustle and bustle time of year – and some of us just collapse […]