Huh! I didn’t know. Wonder why they didn’t want him, seemed like a nice enough guy.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON May 17, 2011 – Boy, when we screw it up, we really screw it up. I took a day off to get caught up on my television watching and well the bottom just fell out of the political world I was watching. Bad enough that the Liberals got creamed federally but to learn that others chose to fall on their sword before they even got nominated – that is something to behold.

In a piece on Karmel Sakran’s acclamation as the Liberal candidate for Burlington in the upcoming provincial election I mentioned that there were two men seeking the Progressive Conservative nomination in Burlington. WOW, was I ever wrong.

Rene Papin falls on sword.

Rene Papin falls on sword.

After running at least one half page full colour advertisement in a newspaper that will go un-named, Rene Papin posted the following to his web site:


Bert Radford
Burlington Progressive Conservative Association
Box 8007
Appleby Postal Outlet,
Burlington, ON,
L7L 6B1

Dear Bert Radford,

On the advice of a number of close advisors whom I believe to be well connected within the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, I am withdrawing my application for nomination as the Conservation candidate for the Burlington riding. I have been advised that my candidacy, at this time, does not fit the strategic direction of the Party, and that it would be in the best interests of the Party if I were to withdraw.

It has truly been an honour to have been considered as the candidate for the nomination, but I have always believed that the interests of the Party must come before those of the individual.

I therefore, respectfully withdraw my application for the nomination.


I missed that one. My apologies of the piece I wrote misled anyone.




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