Pickleball a part of the Live and Play offering at city recreation centres. It is all on line.

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August 10th, 2017



The 2017-18 Fall/Winter Live and Play Guide – the City of Burlington’s guide for information on recreation, sport, culture programs and festivals and events is now available online.

Printed copies are available for pick up at recreation centres, City Hall (426 Brant St.), Burlington Tourism (414 Locust St.) and Burlington public libraries.

The online Live and Play guide allows you to review and share program information as well as register for programs directly from any computer or mobile device. View the online guide.

Live - play registration dates


An interesting program that has become quite popular is pickle ball, a trending sport that is taking the world by storm. Easy to learn, Pickleball can be geared to a wide range of ages and skill levels, from those new to the sport to the most seasoned players.

Pickle ballBurlington offers registered lessons for Pickleball players of all levels. Many drop-in times and locations are also available. These drop-in programs are designated as beginner or intermediate levels and provide flexible, convenient opportunities to enjoy the sport.

In coming years, Pickleball in Burlington will expand to include more advanced lessons, advanced drop-in times, and tournament play. For now, we encourage advanced level players to play with similarly skilled partners and opponents or to respectfully adjust their level of play to the level of others.

More on the program online.

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3 comments to Pickleball a part of the Live and Play offering at city recreation centres. It is all on line.

  • Jacqueline Brown

    I have been playing pickle ball at the seniors centre for 10 years and I have enjoyed every minute. Quite a few of us are on own, so it is a great way to meet new friends and socialize… we play a bit, and chat a bit… great fun. I have also played at Tansley Woods on a couple of occasions, but I am 75 and even though I am a pretty good player ( and can hold my own ). . . I’m happier playing with the people I know. The people from City Hall are young and have no idea why we are so upset about being included with every age group. We like our comfort zone at the Senior Centre, and don’t like being reorganized by these young kids , who think they know best. The centre used to run so nicely when it was left to the seniors, we may be older but there is a lot of talent here, and some very very smart people.
    We know pickle ball is getting very popular … OK. Add more classes………Problem Solved. !!!

  • Judy

    At the Seniors Centre, many 55 to 90 year olds have been playing pickleball harmoniously for several years. It is a time that all enjoy intermingling with their peers, having a coffee after the game and playing with whoever signs up regardless of level of expertise. And then the City takes over the Centre and forces the seniors to divide into groups, play on a drop in basis and “compete”! The Seniors Centre is not about competition; it’s about camaraderie, inclusion and FUN!

    Seniors who want to play at game level have been joining teams at Haber, Tansley and other rec centres that aren’t seniors-exclusive and that’s as it should be. When they want to mix with their friends, they join in at the Centre. Those who are not interested in worrying about being criticized or kicked out of a game because they aren’t playing well enough stay at the Centre with the friends they’ve made.

    The City has failed to understand the true purpose of this particular activity at the Seniors Centre and the raisin d’être for a Seniors Centre – to have fun with friends. Go ahead and impose rules at the general rec centres but leave the seniors alone – we’ve been doing fine and can get very militant about unnecessary changes.

  • Zaffi

    It is really fun to play. Kind of like tennis with ultralight paddles. Sort of a cross between tennis and ping pong.