You heard it here first. Pier bid deadline extended – will now be opened on the 17th of August. This is good news.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON August 8, 2011 – You heard it here first. The receiving and opening of the bids for the construction of the Brant Street Pier has been moved from Wednesday August the 10th to Wednesday August 17th – and that is good news.

Seven companies picked up the data package from the city. Recall those were:


  • ConCrete USL Limited
  • Toronto Zenith Contracting Limited
  • Belor Construction Ltd
  • Rankin Construction Inc.
  • Bot Construction
  • PCL Construction Canada Inc.
  • Graham Infrastructure

The city would have liked to have seen the bids in by the 10th of August but the rules of the game allow the city to extend the deadline if it is felt the contractors need more time. Another rule in the public tender approach allows any contractor to ask questions but the questions asked and the answers given by the city’s engineering department get sent to every contractor who picked up the tender package with all the data in it.

And the contractors have been asking questions. The asking of questions is usually a good sign and senior people within city hall are very confident they will have very solid bids coming in from top rank firms.

The Engineering Department built in time to allow for additional questions from the pre-qualified vendors. Some of the questions will have been simple and some of the questions take time to respond to and of course the answer to one question sometimes generates follow up questions. Both the questions and answers get given to all the contractors.

The city has extended the delivery date for bids on the completion of the Brant Street Pier.  This is good news.

The city has extended the delivery date for bids on the completion of the Brant Street Pier. This is good news.

Engineering department staff are making sure they exhaust all questions and give the contractors ample time to put together an attractive bid in terms of construction and cost. The project continues to be on schedule for reporting to Committee this fall where the Engineering department will give their recommendation to a Council Committee and then it goes to a Council meeting where the final decision is made.

Mayor Rick Goldring said the Pier will get built – and yes it is going to cost quite a bit more than originally planned. Taking it down will apparently cost just as much to complete the thing. And, as Councillor Jack Dennison pointed out, we cannot expect to recover anything from the civil suit unless we build the Pier – not sure why that’s the case – must look into that for you.

Let’s see what the bids are on the 17th.




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